I Argue, But Don't Like To See People Arguing.

Why do people argue? It's a simple question with an also simple answer: humans are known to not be the same, so a lot of them argue because of the loss of things in common. But did you know that if it will be repeatedly for over years, it can become a habit? Just for the fun of it, nothing really serious. I know that because my own parents always argue for the most ridiculous reasons: to find a hair in the soup or because the sound on TV is too loud. I think and seem to feel that they're doing it to fill an emptiness that lies in their heart, somewhere deep inside. I can't say that I'm perfect, I argue with a lot of people too. But what I hate most is seeing people arguing, I don't know why I feel such pity and disappointment towards them, thought I don't know them. Maybe the disappointment of not finding people who don't really resemble my parents, because of the constant fighting everywhere, not just in the house? It is indeed how our brain works, and how humans act toward the familiarity in strangers.
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1 Response Apr 8, 2012

Can I just say, your writing is great! You have very clear and succinct thoughts that you're able to articulate with ease, it's a gift you have and I hope you keep it up. Arguing is such an unfortunate thing that comes out when two parties bring their ego to the game. In times that I've argued, I've taken note of why I feel the need to so staunchly defend myself. While I don't argue very often...I'm human. It comes out when I feel vulnerable and at the same time I feel attacked. Vulnerable plus attacked equals...not so good. Your natural reaction is defend yourself. It's interesting and so darn enlightening when I've actually silenced my ego and just listened to the person. Because really, at the end of the day, they're just trying to be heard. I've actually come out with my dignity intact, and the person didn't get their feelings hurt, which makes me feel better. I guess...I don't like hurting people and the words used during an argument can be hurtful. There is an old question, have you heard it...would you rather be right or happy?

Yes, I do think I have heard that question somewhere. I really appreciate what you have told me above, but I think you are even more talented than I am - or so you have mentioned. All what you have just said is one hundred percent true, and I approve of your way of thinking because there so much people out there who think the same thing. For me, I'd say that my mood changes from say to day, so sometimes I would rather be right, and others I would want to be happy.