My Perspective On Racism.

Racism means a discrimination against people from other races. But in my opinion, racism is a word that shouldn't have existed in the first place. People say they're over it, but are they really? Won't you ever feel disgusted like that other white person standing in the same bus as a black man? Why should we even care about such superficial matters and stay limited on our knowledge on people while we could know so much more about them? Everyone's human, and have the right to live just like everyone else. So why do we, on a certain condition, push them away and neglect their beliefs? I am probably asking so much questions, but we all know the answer, or maybe not for many of us. A black man is no different than a white man, or maybe a brown man if we would like to expand a little bit on different races. But then, the idea that some are better than others entered their minds and settled for the next few years. And they took advantage of that. For example, Because of the patriarchal nature of Arab society, Arab men enslaved more black women than men, and used more black female slaves than males. The men interpreted the Qur'an to permit sexual relations between a male master and his female slave outside of marriage, leading to many mixed-race children. And I'm not just talking about black people, but I shared this information with you because I truly believe no one could ever be inferior to others. Everybody is equal and has rights to feel, believe and show that they do. But unfortunately, since humans discovered that they are each different, slavery has become completely based on racial lines. I can't copy every single word from Wikipedia that involves racism and its various ways of reacting towards it. Many killed, used slavery, and took advantage, raped...etc as a way of tyranny. I will take Adolf Hitler as an example to point out that this "racism" is absolutely unnecessary: He - or as I believe he did - had an ideal about getting rid of every person who isn't exactly "pure" to him by using terrorism and ways that I cannot share here with you. Does being Christian, Muslim or Jewish- African, Asian or American make a difference? I think not, and so should many people.

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I had to do a report on racism, how its changed over the years. This really helped.<br />
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Thank you.

You're welcome. I'm glad it helped though I can't assure you that every thing I write is worthy of an A+.

I got a house point, so I think you did very well &gt;:D

Thank you ^_^

Yes your right. People LOVE to be superior to other people and they just use the excuse of races. And yes, racism still exist today, I've experienced it all of my life. I just don't give it no mind until they insult me face to face, then it's on ^_^

I admire how you just don't care about what they say to you. While if I was being insulted for my race, I would get angry and hurt. But that was long ago, I know now that this reaction just makes them happier and keep them satisfied. It's what push them to continue on doing what they do.