I hate arguing, I do. Growing up in a house full of constant yelling, its bound to happen. Now the only good reason I see to argue is to keep someone to understand your point of view.

Ok, that may sound weird. What I mean is I will argue or at least talk it over with someone when we have strong different opinions about something. Now I hate arguing, so my arguing doesn't really seem like arguing. I don't use the word "you" or offensive language, or accuse the person. I just firmly state how I feel about something and why I see it "my way".

Now this does get difficult when you have two stubborn people. For example, me and my boyfriend. We are both stubborn, not because we won't see the other person's way. If we are convinced we will. We both are just firm and strong in the beliefs and feelings we have that lead to how we see something.

In this case, you either repeat yourself and try to find a way to get them to understand or at least accept your point of view,stance of the issue at hand, or you realize that you aren't going to get anywhere at the time you are arguing. Explain that you know, you both won't switch to each other's view, and to let it go for the night, or if you are like me and him, you say that you can see why the other sees or feels their way and you will end up accepting and still love them anyway.

In the end, miraculously, this way of arguing always works for us. Normally one of us will be moved to the other's view by thinking it over by ourself, or we do both do what we is right and we, so far, have continued to love each other, in the end.

I say in the end, because depending on what it was, it has taken us days to a 9 days to realize we still love each other and as long as they are safe,healthy,and happy in the end, happy is a big one, then we can live with their choices and go on with our lives.
EurydiceKallos EurydiceKallos
18-21, F
Aug 3, 2013