I hate it mainly cus I'm not good at it lol. If I'm trying to get my point across and the person isn't getting it I immediately shut down and don't want to talk anymore. I hate raising my voice and getting frustrated. I hate arguing because once I start getting angry I feel myself boiling over and start to black out. My.temper isn't as bad as it used to be but that's only because I try to avoid arguing all together. I either just stop talking or completely walk away. My boyfriend hates that because he likes to talk through the anger and come to a quick resolution, but I just like to wait til my anger passes over, and I can talk with a clear head. Plus hearing yelling and screaming just brings me back to a place I don't want to be. So I kind of just hold things in, because in the past, when I tried to express myself I was ******* on. But I know if I keep suppressing my anger it'll eat at me until I have nothing left inside.
Overtherainbow66 Overtherainbow66
22-25, F
Sep 14, 2015