on the coach between Dublin and Belfast, I was sitting behind two of them.

I am very tolerant of most things, except when very tired and have been travelling for hours, after a few hours sleep.

Firstly they played music - instrumental random lift music from their laptop without headphones.

She then set her tea beside my luggage, in case it spilled onto the aisle, so that it would not touch her bag.

I was talking, they both turned round to look at me, to see what i was talking about.

Then when her friend wanted to go to sleep she put in the earphones, regardless of whether anyone else on bus had wanted to sleep before that.

And finally, the unforgivable, she took her shoes off and it was not a pleasant smell. 

All in all, I was not allowed to say anything, and told to bite my tongue, so she got to listen to a mixture of metallica and morrissey from my earphones for the rest of the journey home, which seemed to annoy only her

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I also hate arrogance! More people should be like me!

get em with that metallica and morrissey! xx