I Hate Asking, But I Know I Need It

Since I was a little boy, I was always tought "If you ever need help, just ask", but every time I ask for help someone gets mad. When I was in the states, it was the teachers and my family who would always say "you don't need to worry about that" or "Thats a stupid thing to ask" and now, when I ask for help or ask any question, I get into a fight. People around me think I'm so smart and I don't need anybody to help me, but the truth is I'm just like the rest. I got sent to the dean's office at school once for telling someone to shut up and let the teacher help me with a problem, because that person wanted help with something else. I just hate asking people to help me because they think I can do it myself, and then when I ask for it, they call me stupid... I may be stupid, but I'm smart enough to know that people don't need me and I shouldn't need them, but still... I ask anyways
CDarkFreedom CDarkFreedom
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

I know exactly what you mean! As a kid people always tell me I need to ask questions, but when I did, grownups would tell me that my question was silly and not something I needed to know. Then what's the point of asking questions? So I sort of just stopped asking things, but now just because I try to do things on my own, people just assume and expect that I would never need help!

I hear ya. It's amazing how if you just wing it on your own, they think you're so smart. The more you ASK for help, the more incompetent they treat you.