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Love Story 2012

guys i had a girlfriend . i think she was pretty enough abd i think she loved me alot but i had i break with her which was done by me .........................then after a few days she became girlfriend of my friend then i realised that i have done wrong and i asked one of my friend to just casually ask her that she loves me or not she sayed that she loves me but she is boyfriend of another and she has promised that she will not leave him ........
guys what doo u think she really loves me or not !!
plz give me suggestion how to get her back ..HELP!!!
3aser 3aser 16-17, M 1 Response Apr 19, 2012

Your Response


Sorry to hear, but it sounds like its just a young relationship. truth is if a girl really cares or loves you she will stay with you no matter what. if she left you for some else that means that sadly she doesn't really love you even if she says she does because she is still seen other possibilities,other people, and if she made the "mistake" to get with another person and doesn't break up fast to go back with you is because she doesn't know what she wants, she is not in a hurry to get back with you. honestly those girls are not worth it, going back and forth and idk what you want out of your relationship, weather is long term or not. But yeah and if you are the one that broke up with her, its kinda your fault, and if things don't work out then just let it go cause its really not worth it, and you are young you have lots of time to find someone better, or 'the one' soon in your future