My Flaw

Somewhere along the way in my screwey childhood, I was taught that asking for and/or accepting help was a terrible weakness. Well...that's what my Mama's husband would say anyway!

Meanwhile Mama would give the shirt off her back to anyone who needed it. Sometimes it was a guy raking the leaves or a friend of hers tending her bar for some cash....No matter what a person's circumstances, she would offer a dignified "hand up" with an odd job to help someone out.

I learned that lesson well and to this day I do not fear helping out total strangers anymore than friends. I love trying to make a difference in people's lives.

Still...I have BIG problems accepting it myself and instead withdraw...Why do you think the reasoning is behind this and how can I change this big character flaw?
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

It's not a big character flaw, I have the same problem, I was suppose to be born all knowing and all powerful and not needing help from anyone. I was suppose to be the lord master of the known universe.... oh god..... yeah, I'm writing this in jest but that's exactly what it was like.... I had, and still have a horrible time admitting that I don't know something.

I get where you are coming from Hon! The more I think I know ...the less I truly do! *sigh*

The more I learn the less I know..... that's how I feel. true

The problem is all those people who think they know everything. Or, are content to be totally clueless.

Or, as Jim Morrison used to say; "who here thinks they're alive!!!!????"

I for one do not find bliss in

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