I've been finding things to begin to get hard this past week. It started off good , but now it's not so great . Today makes six months since my papa passed away and became an angel . And then In six days it'll make a month sincemy bestfriend was murdered. It's really hard to keep on going but I am trying my best to get by. I want to just crawl in a hole and just disappear for a little while.

"If you see me fading, don't worry, I have the right to disappear."

School is becoming very stressful for the simple fact that I wasn't able to go for 2/5 days this week and I've got so much work to make up on top of everything at home. And I'm really starting to miss my daddy but as of right now it feels as if he doesn't care at all...

And to top it all My ex keeps texting me and telling me that he misses what we had and that we could work if we tried again. We've known each other since we were babbies and its just hard to let go. We dated for a year and I still love him with all of my heart. I'm just scared that if I do end up with him again he will end up hurting me , but with everything going on I don't want that.

Then , my granmda lives with my mom, me , and my stepdad and she is not doing good at all. She has deminta (however you spell it) and she is getting worse every day. It's so bad we can't take that good of care of her anymore and we may have to send her to a nursing home.

It's just so hard to deal with all of this but I don't know how I can fix any of it. :/ I just wish someone could understand and help me -__-
ForeverUnknown1843 ForeverUnknown1843
18-21, F
Sep 21, 2012