I Don't Want to Impose...

I really do hate asking for help. Even from my kids. I've been such an Independent person for so long, that it crushes my pride to have to ask anybody for anything. I also hate to be an imposition on anybody. Anytime I ask somebody for help, I do feel like I'm imposing. Also, I've always been the "helper" anytime I could. It's just an extremely hard task for me to ask for help.

As for asking the government for any kind of help, forget it!! Where I live, they forget that the taxpayers are paying for stuff, and it's not coming out of their own personal pockets. There are some that aren't that way, but they are way outnumbered. The tax here is 8.75 cents on the dollar. That may not sound high to some of you, but for this area, it's pretty high.

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my boyfriend is they same way he wont let me do anything and if i do i get criticized for not doing it his way, it makes me feel like less of a women, hope ur not like that. ang the government thing if you cant beat emjoin em. ya no? wheres your piece of the pie?

You know, if you would only understand that these situations are created to allow someone else to carry out the Creators' plan, then maybe you might let someone help.<br />
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We are all our brothers and sisters keepers so to speak. Giving is great but receiving is part of the pie, too. It keeps the necessary balance between giving and receiving on track. It also allows others to do good things. What if everyone said no to help??? It really would not be a good thing.<br />
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When we allow people to do good things for us it "casts their bread upon the waters of Return" and allows the Laws of the Universe (Creator) to send back the deed seven fold. (good or bad) It does the same for you, too!<br />
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So don't be too proud, shy, or independent to accept the gifts of the Creator. Don't you pray, meditate, or wish for the good in the world to multiply? Help out by assisting the process ... please?<br />
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Peace, Light and Much Love to You.

Yes, there are a lot of times that I don't think to ask for help. As for being "ingrained with chronic independence (or being surrounded by incompetents": Probably generous helpings of both!! ;-)

I understand that. Sometimes it's not even so much pride for me as simply not having the idea of asking for help. I don't know if it's like that for you. I guess there's a fair amount of habit that gets ingrained with chronic independence (or being surrounded by incompetents :P)