I guess the biggest problem I have with asking for help is because it makes me seem weak. I am strong in many ways, and to show signs of weakness goes against the image I strive to portray.
I've been forced in to asking for help a couple of times in my life, mostly it's been financial help, but those times were almost unbearable. I prefer dealing with things on my own, and no one around me ever really knows what I have to deal with every day.
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All of us are very different (thank goodness), and some people are better at handling distressing issues. We, (myself and my husband), have had to deal with some pretty distressing times over the past 14 years, 3 lots of ill health - myself I am now disabled and always in a great deal of pain, my husband has had a brain haemorage, and obstructive jaundice, which both led to having 9-10 months off and losing his well paid jobs. We've lost 2 homes and gone bankrupt and in the end it was me that was the stronger. In a lot of cases, it's just the way we're made, and some of us are able to handle these situations better than others. So I do understand.<br />
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Any way, getting to the point. About 30 years ago I was introduced to a system (from the USA), that had great potential but was somewhat longwinded. I've taken that same idea, bought it up to date, tweeked it a little and now have something that can help everyone out. The only thing that is different about it is that we now have email, and rather than be totally greedy I am asking everyone who takes part to donate at least 10% to a charity or cause. If you would like me to send you the information, which should make you £50,000 in 10 days, then please email me at http//janandwealth@aol.co.uk and I will email the details to you. IT REALLY IS BRILLIANT, FAST AND IT WORKS. And you can use this system whenever your funds need a boost.<br />
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I look forward to hearing from you.<br />
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everyone has to deal with issues, some people thrive on help of others while some want to be a maverick..it seems you want other people to sympathize how hard its for you