What's Up With That?

I have always hated asking anyone for help. I don't know what's up with that. Even when I really, really need it I just can't ask. The only time I don't mind is if I know for sure that person won't be bothered and they are happy to help. So when someone asks me for help I make sure they think I really am happy to help.
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2007

Pitoooey!, this is my usual response to this ideology. However, you're right. Just as I am wrong (currently) knee deep in pride and EMbarrassed and too foolish to realize there's not much to be proud of... Makes a great diet thought....lol.

You know, if you would only understand that these situations are created to allow someone else to carry out the Creators' plan, then maybe you might let someone help.<br />
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We are all our brothers and sisters keepers so to speak. Giving is great but receiving is part of the pie, too. It keeps the necessary balance between giving and receiving on track. It also allows others to do good things. What if everyone said no to help??? It really would not be a good thing.<br />
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When we allow people to do good things for us it "casts their bread upon the waters of Return" and allows the Laws of the Universe (Creator) to send back the deed seven fold. (good or bad) It does the same for you, too!<br />
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So don't be too proud, shy, or independent to accept the gifts of the Creator. Don't you pray, meditate, or wish for the good in the world to multiply? Help out by assisting the process ... please?<br />
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Peace, Light and Much Love to You.