The lengths some people will go, to be noticed amazes me. They are so self absorbed in most everything they do they've got to be selfish also. Twisting simple conversations so then the spot light is on them. ME ME ME ME...drives me nuts. Well you know what? I've turned that spot light off....and I ain't taking a front row seat.
HisHope HisHope
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Wait! Is this about me? Are you talking about me???? Why do people always talk about me??


Oh, sorry. Someone else.


*slowly walks away*

Well said Hope. It is anonymous. I find I tell the truth, no matter how painful, here more so than in my real life. I've yet to be judged badly or laughed at. I fear the same would never happen in my real life.

Exactly, Johnlava... I think people would find that they are very supported when they reveal rough aspects of themselves. EP was started as a support site, and there will always be someone on here who understands someone's individual challenge. No need for pomp.

Thank you Yes John, I understand. For some of us this site allows us to express a side of ourselves in a way which we would find difficult or impossible to do in reality. That does not mean what we write or share with others is not a reality. I just find it irritating that the "attention seekers" can twist whatever is said/written so that the focus is on them. I'm glad to hear your experience on EP is a good one. :)

Thanks Hope, you've been nothing but kind and nice to me. It is a concern that, more often than not, a total lack of respect permeates through a lot of what is exchanged here. I am envious of you and your relationship, and it really perplexes me that others can not respect you and your desisions. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. I was taught that by my mother and I don't understand why others can't live by that simple rule. Sure, I may occasionally break that rule, but some of these people have never done this once in their life.

Short and sweet HisHope; nicely done.

The "me me me" mindset is one I've never really understood. Also, as others have stated, EP is anonymous so you can be honest and ditch the BS. Authenticity is an under valued yet golden trait :)

Thank you so much. So very kind from one who writes such great posts, I value your opinions and comments :)

That's a very generous compliment, Hope. Thank you kindly :-D

The whole purpose of EP is to feed my immense ego with snack-sized bites of intellectual distraction. Cogito ergo sum.

"I think, therefore I am" enjoy your bite size distractions :)

You are so right. Attention-seeking behaviour is just awful

. terrible. terrible

i hate when people act like that

Me too. Seems like "acting" is first nature!
Thank you for reading :)

Yeah EP isn't for acting, your supposed to be on here being yourself and sharing real experiences. I'm tired of actors and actresses ruining EP !

. Same here! fukkin drama wh0res!

Seriously this is anonymous so why are these people so afraid to be real? No one needs to be acting just to create drama


Could be that some folk make stuff up about being pillars of their community so they can at least have a little taste of the kind of respect they aren't getting in real life...

If they do as much acting in real life as they do on EP it's no wonder they aren't respected on either!

I'm guessing they feel bored and/or inadequate in real life. Maybe then they feel the need to inflict their BS in a competative dishonest way on the wider unknowing and even trusting cyber audience.

I definitely agree with that. It wouldn't be so bad if what they said stood up to scrutiny

You are so right, infact that is exactly what I've discovered today. Clearly in black and white for all to see...haha :)

It's especially bothersome when their "acting" and lies could cause harm to others in real life. I wish I could handle it in a calmer manner like you or damsel.

...or RedRubies

Yes Ruby is also insanely calm like you !!

. Ruby is always calm. Its damn amazing

lol I just saw this in my feed, thanks guys. It takes a true f*ckwit to annoy me. Believe's happened...

I'm not sure how anyone could fault her... She is always polite, rational and more than fair.

I've only seen you call fictions fictitious I've not seen you be rude or duplicitious or throw a epic tantrum.

Awww thanks Dente.... I have had my moments... but they are generally well deserved *biased answer* ;-P

You've got a lot of self control, a lot of the lying actresses have absolutely no self control.

I just write a story about how I don't care, to show I don't care ;-)

Speaking of self control ...I've often wondered submission is about giving control over to another, surrendering ones control over to another... If you've never had any self control how can you really give someone control over yourself ?

I just write a story about how I don't care, to show I don't care<--- I've seen A LOT of this tactic around EP lately ... I believe it is part of the vengeful angel nonconfrontational confrontation behavior model....
There is a new book series out about it... Lemony Snicketts series on pathetic wanna be wenches

And dr suesses newest book 'oh the lies you'll tell'

Oh that is a GREAT question! Most people honestly don't give questions like that much thought. A Dom is a guide but they can only do so much. If you have no self control my guess is that you'd goad your Dom into disciplining you a lot... I suspect a lot of topping from the bottom.

"vengeful angel nonconfrontational confrontation behavior model" - I think this might be worthy of a psych paper!

To me and I don't know much about seems really you haven't given or surrendered anything ... Your merely continuing to not take any responsibility for your behaviors but seek absolution by forcing someone to be in control of you. And surrendering and forcing are complete opposites.

" - I think this might be worthy of a psych paper!" <----If I only knew of someone who needed subject matter for a PHd or maybe a masters degree I would suggest they explore it!

That is a good point Dente.... a dysfunctional relationship can be labelled "D/s" but doing so doesn't mean it's a healthy one. No Dom wants to have a relationship with a train wreck. I think if you have no self control, having a "Dom" just temporarily masks issues that the sub needs to work on. A genuine Dom would have an issue with his sub having sh*t fits; her behaviour reflects on him.

Yes, Dente, surrendering and forcing ARE complete opposites. In a (long term) D/s relationship a lot of talking around 'issues' goes on, agreements are reached - and then the formalities are held to. This does not mean that agreements can't be revisited and revised. It's often as much about form and the kind of language used, as anything else. It's actually much harder being a Dom, because for him there can be no refuge in brushing things off and saying he doesn't understand women. (Although having said that, on occasion the *********s will just put their foot down)

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I totally agree!! :)

Thank you :))