Not Really.

Here's the thing about attention ******...I don't think they are that bad really...most almost EVERYONE wants attention I mean that's kind of the whole point of EP your looking for attention from other people you can connect with.Sure some people want ALOT of attention...but here's the thing.....WHO CARES O_O I mean really why do you care? They don't have much of anything to do with what does their wanting atttention have to do with you?
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2 Responses Mar 22, 2011

Attention whoring is negative. There's a difference between wanting attention like a normal person and whoring yourself out for attention. That's why it's called attention *****. How you go about gettin the attention is real annoying part and it makes us look bad. If you have to post sexual **** to get attention your an attention *****. If you have to ask if you are pretty with a pic up, your an attention *****. If you have to post being naked or in scantily clad clothes because your personality is to dry to get and keep a man you are an attention ***** and that goes for guys too. Everyone needs attention it's what makes you human our species would not survive without each other, it's how you go about it that matters.

It's not bad to want attention it's how you go about it.<br />
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When you make it painfully obvious that you don't believe what you are saying and that you are just saying it so someone will pity you or tell you you are pretty, that's when it gets annoying.