No Should About Banning Atvs - Ban Them Now!!

Live in a small town where ATVs are prevalent. Absolutely loathe the things. Kids ride around without helmets tearing up sensitive grassland and scaring cows grazing. Someone here wrote that the kids will likely grow up to be morons - too late they are morons already!! These people are such a waste of petrol... The damn things should be banned across the world!
dicavill dicavill
5 Responses May 25, 2012

u are a special kind of libatured aren't u

Yeah and you're a special kind of RETARD aren't you? Now **** off and die dipwad.

This ****** me off when u say this

And I really don't care. I hate ******* ATVs and I think anyone who rides one is a moron. Now **** off and die!

We just like having fun

And I'm not a moron []:

I drive a quad =D