Our Parks Should Stay Free From Vehicles

how are people ever going to appreciate all of the tiny creatures in our world if we are riding over them with huge tires?  Why do people have the right to stink up the air and destroy the ground everywhere they go? Humans disgust me when animals and plants can have NO place to live freely.  It is all about THEM .  I am so tired of seeing animals dead because of someone's FUN.  People treat the natural world as if they are in a video game and everything in their path is crushed with no thought or care.  We have become psychopathic creatures as a whole.  I hate the world I live in because of the number of cruel individuals in it.  There are considerate people, but not near enough.    Children should grow up walking and sitting in nature and taught to honor every living creature.  This is the antithesis of riding ATV"s.  Plus, I am allergic to the exhaust they expel, because many have fungal growth in the engines.  Yes, it can grow there.  I am allergic to fungus.  It makes it even worse to have them go by me.  Clean air as a whole is another thing that we don't care about as humans, even though it should be a priority.  No one seems to mind breathing in stinky fumes all day long.  Why am I the only one who notices this?  I feel like a frog in a world of robots.  My body feels this stuff that no one else does. 

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

and what makes me angry is that people incessantly bash all atv riders with the exact same stereotype. i am a responsible rider who does care about the environment and doesnt kill for fun...illegally. atvs run on gas much like cars do, the exhaust is very similar to essentially every motorized vehicle on the planet so why just bash them? yes, with cars they are developing more efficient cleaner burning engines but the same is also true with atvs. and as for sound, mufflers are becoming increasingly more sound dampening and you can even get an after market that reduces noise up to 50%. i also can honestly say its not all about me, i do respect my surroundings and those around me and i try to spread my atv morality to others so jerks who constantly bash us can ease up a bit and maybe open their minds to a more harmonious compromise.