Axl Rose is one of those ppl I really could never like. As the singer of "Guns And Roses" he was sick (they are pretty cool), but as a person he was a ****-wit. The **** he said about Kurt (and more importantly about his daugher) is something which has always made me hate him.

A sell out and a b*****d........

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Axl Rose never said anything about Frances Bean--he said some harsh stuff about Courtney Love, but not Frances. And the reason Axl hated Kurt Cobain was 'cuz Axl once asked Nirvana (who he WAS a fan of--note the Nirvana baseball cap he wears in some of his Making Of videos) to open for them, and Kurt made fun of him. So there ya' go; Kurt was no victim. Axl was just more vocal about his hatred.

He told MTV "that (Kurt and Courtney's) child should be aborted before it is born because it will be a deformed freak (because of the drugs they are taking). And even if it (the child) does survive and is 'normal', the parents (Kurt and Courtney) will be too high and the child will be neglected". He was a F*****G idiot when it came to all that, he REALLY should have stayed outta it

Yes I remember when he was cursing them (Courtney and Kurt) while Kurt was holding Frances (she was like what 2 weeks old?) and threatning to fight with him!

He ain't a bad singer in quite a few of his songs (most of them were really good to be honest), but he has a horrible sell-out. He is STILL going on about an album which should have been done 14 years ago

Ugh! Here I have to agree.. and I hate the ballads that he tried to pull off! Beautiful songs ruined by his horrid voice! What made him think he could pull it off? I cringe when I hear him sing.