Having 4 Younger Brothers Would Make Any Teenage Guy Hate Babies.

I am the oldest by 14 years. My parents did not have any more kids after me until I was unfortunately old enough to be a "good big brother" and watch after them. When I was 14 my mom had my twin baby brothers. From day one, all they did was scream and cry whenever they were around me. Don't get me wrong, I love my siblings and would kill or die for them. However, BABIES are just not human to me.

When they were about 9 or 10 months old, I started having to babysit them. A lot. My parents trusted me way too much and so there were nights I had to turn my friends down on hanging out because I had to stay home and listen to screaming babies and get puked on and change horrendous stinky diapers (and I mean HORRIFIC) all night long while my parents had to do stuff with business.

I swear, one thing that freaked me out about the twins was that they seemed to know when I was going to have to babysit them. One time, when they were like one year, my mom told me that they should sleep the whole time. The minute she closed the door, both of them start screaming at the top of their lungs from their cribs. Sidenote, my wonderful baby brothers had neither taken a crap in about 3 days. I go into their room to see what they want, and I pick up one of the babies to see if he needs his diaper changed. I'm stupid enough to sniff his rear end to check, and not only is his diaper filled to the brim, but he farts in my face and then laughs! After I'm done gagging and changing both of them on the changing table (as well as getting peed on), I have both of them in nice clean diapers with the whole lotion and powder routine that I was all too familiar with, and just I pick them both up and am carrying them back to their cribs, they BOTH fart, and lo and behold, BOTH of their diapers are full again.

The horrible thing is, this was not weird behavior and happened to me ALL THE time. In fact, on one day when I was watching the twins (four years old and still in pull-ups) and my 2 year old and 1 year old brother, I think I changed what must've been a world record of diapers - 12. 12 dirty diapers. THAT'S reason enough for someone to hate babies. Believe me.
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Makes me crazy when I hear these stories. What makes 2 grown adults think it's ok to put THEIR adult responsibilites on a kid? THEY wanted the babies, MADE the babies and HAD the babies, THEIR CHOICE, not yours! If they didn't have the time to care for them or the money to pay someone to do their job then they SHOULDNT have had them. Nothing like laying the responsibility off on someone else. To me that's selfish....(and I always hear how people think abortion is selfish...Ha! What's selfish is having kids just because you want them & not having the means to do the job yourself

Sometimes I get to wonder if it's really right for parents to force that kind of responsibility onto another child. You were 14. You should have been out having fun with your friends. I'm not saying that family is less important, but that IS a huge responsibility. Sorry you had to go through that.