Babies Are Not Innocent

I hate it when people say babies are innocent. They are not at all innocent, they are in fact the complete opposite. Take for instance the prehistoric man. Obviously not knowing any values,  he rapes, steals, murders, and fools to get his way, in order to survive as a basic instinct. Translation : we're all ******** by nature ( I know someone's going to say it "Hurr durr yup you're right, you're an *******! "  Now you'll all save space by not having to post that comment, although we all appreciate how clever you are.) In any case, the only difference between this prehistoric douche-canoe and a leaky screaming dumpling is the fact that parents nowadays tell it not to throw the cat across the room. Because nowadays, Murdering hundreds of people because you had an animal abuse problem and developed serious issues due to negligent parenting isn't all the rage. So, in essence, the most evil thing in the world is a fresh screaming ****-machine. The only reason this isn't so evident is because they don't have the understanding of their world or the physical means to dominate/overpower using their standard human set of morals.

On a seperate note, I also find pregnancy repulsive. I hate babies, I hate pregnancy, I especially hate younger pregnancy and it's supporters. I'll never in a million years understand why anyone would want a child, and I hope to never have to have one myself (For it's sake...) Another thing, before someone brings up the "Well your mom raised you/she shouldn't have had you/You hate yourself because you were a baby lol" point, I'll answer that again. First of all saying I hate myself because I hate babies is like saying someone hates being happy because they are depressed. No, I don't hate myself. Yes I would have understood it / encouraged it if my mother wanted to abort me. No that doesn't mean I'm suicidal, depressed or crazy. I think abortion and contraceptives are wonderful. I think women are crazy for wanting to be pregnant, wanting to have children and thinking the pain/hardship/expenses/suffering is worth it. No, I won't "understand when I become a father". What kind of major life decision is it ok to make while saying "I don't want this, but I'm sure I'll turn around at some point. 

That's it for now.. I'm just ranting because I'm so sick of hearing about babies/pregnancy.

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I 100% feel the same way as you, I don't think we're crazy, I think we're logical. And No, it's not really ok to make that decision and hope it somehow will change your decision once you're doing it. SO MANY people - TOO MANY make that same stupid assumption, have kids are miserable but you will never hear them say it because society would have their head. Instead they go on and on about being "the best thing I ever did" and pregnancy? OMG gross! There would be nothing more horrifying than having another human being growing inside me causing my stomach to stretch to the size of a beachball (disgusting and repulsive) not to mention an 8 pound human ripping it's way out of my vagina..much like a horror movie. I can't do it, I refuse! I'm 44 and female, my opinion has never changed.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I agree, the thought of another person growing inside me, mooching off of me and then being painfully thrust out of my vagina makes me sick. I never want kids, and it ****** me off when people say "You'll change your mind" or "What if your husband wants kids?" It's not their que to say that, and I don't want to get married. Even then, I wouldn't have kids just because my partner wanted. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that.

Finally someone knows how I feel! About both things! Pregnant women annoy the **** out of me, walking around whining that they're craving weird, gross food combinations, that their backs hurt, and stupid crap like that man. Also the whole "Omg Rhi you should feel my "tummy" the baby is kicking!!" No, I don't want to feel a parasite moving inside of you. That's gross, lady, you look like you have a majorly large cyst, or cancerous growth inside of you, its something feeding off of you, taking a dump, and peeing inside you. That's not what I'd call "Exciting" or "Beautiful". Its gross, their bodies are gonna have forever damages done to em because of that, and be less desirable relationship material. I totally love how you call babies "****-machines" as well, haha cause that's what I always call em! I seriously don't see what the selling point of having something less independent than a new born kitten, that constantly loads diaper after diaper up with mustard yellow dung, pukes all over everything every time it eats, and, just to be an ***, it begins to pee once the diaper that is being changed is removed, right onto your floor or face, while it annoyingly kicks and screams to avoid wearing a crap net. The fact that they're so expensive to have is pretty terrible, too. Their dung is never an easy job, its always a big, runny, or super mushy disaster, that sometimes, and some how, ends up going all the way up their backs. I hate hate hate how everything they pick up with their sticky hands, automatically gets shoved into their mouths, rendering it a useless item instantly. I hate all the sounds they make, the screaming, then screaming more loudly and frantically when you take something they really shouldn't be shoving into their mouths away from them, or stop them from dumbly crawling outside with no adults. I hate the "babbling" they do, that's super annoying, especially when they vary the volumes of each "word" they say, sometimes, obnoxiously and loudly making an attempt at speaking that ends up just sounding like "DAHHT!!!" I am also not a fan at all of the ever flowing flood of drool they're constantly releasing from their mouths as they stare absent minded at a wall, or something, with their mouths gaping open, like their brain just completely melted down. Oh you know what really, really bugs me? The having to grab something, then smack the **** out of everything within reach, or doing that just with their hands. ESPECIALLY when the object they're pummeling is my cats. Why you would want something that makes your whole house smell like curdled milk, dung, ****, and that other bizarre scent that is in all homes with babies, is beyond me.

I think a lot of people feel this way but none have the guts to say it.


I will probably have kids some day, but I strongly dislike the current culture of having babies. I hate the thought of groveling to a ********, screaming, vomiting pudgy ball of useless nothing. Babies are innocent in the sense that they do not know the world yet. But they are not innocent in that they would quickly deceive or use you at the drop of a hat to get what they want. Every baby is like this. We as adults do our best to suppress that type of behavior with smothering them with love and kindness and trying to play authority figure, but this revolting display of worship over babies is sickening. I will be kind to my child (children), I will perform all the actions they need because I understand they can't wipe their own *** or feed themselves. But I will not be like the other zombie parents that don't stop talking about their kid, throw their baby at people when they get tired of holding them, and telling a baby how precious he is when he/she is screaming just because he's bored. I won't reward bad behavior. A baby screams (supposedly) to get your attention when something is wrong. This is something pro spoiling baby idiots shoot out of their mouths constantly. What they don't mention is that babies OFTEN scream for no reason or for very illogical reasons. Like screaming their ***** off because.. they are tired and don't want to sleep and are fighting a nap. What a ignorant stupid creature a human baby is.....

I freaking agree. I never, ever want a baby. And even if I got pregnant, as soon as I found out, I would buy some abortion pills. So, go ahead, call me cruel, call me heartless, but why ruin 2 lives?

You have all the same outlooks as my boyfriend and I. Our relationship is wonderful and we never want to ruin a great thing by ******** a screaming loaf. I wish there were many more people who thought like you, as theres already an abundance of unwanted children that already exsist. Pregnancy is not only revolting but incredibly selfish as well. I never congradulate anyone for getting knocked up anymore, it is far from an accomplishment that most people are capable of. If we ever have the desire to raise a kid, we'll skip the pure hell that is the baby stage and adopt.

I'M SO HAPPY TO HAVE FINALLY FOUND PEOPLE WHO AGREE! And it's also so stupid how people want to have more kids, give birth, then wonder why there are more hunger problems and kids in foster homes.

You two should hook up. You would make a great couple, with no kids!! Hahahahaha!!! Its good you dont want any kids because you would definitely mess them up with that twisted way of thinking.

Haha! That would be nice. Although I already have someone. Except he WANTS to have a child. I'm like "How about no."

I predict you will eventually discover that you have fundementally different personalities and the relationship won't work for you in time.