Use The Law Against Crazy Baby Mommas

 In July 2008, I met my husband. We instantly fell in love and him being stationed (he's military) abroad soon after for 6 months did nothing to shake our bond. In January of 2009 when he returned from overseas, he mentioned to his baby mother that he had met somebody and it was definitely serious and he wanted their daughter to meet me and she went BESERK!. Now might I mention that they had been not dated for over 2 years during which time she had been dating other people and even introduced them to my husband who had always tried to be respectful and supportive.

Anyway, my husband suggested that she meet me to which she replied, "YES, SO I CAN WHOP HER ***"!. Now, I must admit that I started questioning if they had something going on that he did not want to tell me about because I could not believe a woman would degrade herself so much over a man she had not been with for over 2 years. But after over 2 years of madness, I now know the answer YES!!!. After that conversation, she tried running him over with her car, followed him for hours, started throwing rocks at his car and then after that kept away the baby for months. This really hurt my husband because at the time he had a court order in place for joint custody and everytime he would turn up to get his daughter she would not be there and he would call the cops and they would say that they can do nothing but give him a police report.

He continued paying child all the months he never saw the baby and I encouraged him throughout it all that it is CHILD support and what the mom says or does, is irrelevant and so he needs to pay. It was so hard but we kept the faith and in November of 2009 we filed contempt of court charges against her and she replied by filing for sole custody on the grounds that my husband has no interest in his daughter. Her charges were quite frivolous  and the judge agreed in January 2010 because nobody who has no interest takes the mom to court because she will not make him see the baby which was the point of the contempt charges. The judge also called her malicious and bitter and that the next time she tries to keep the baby away she will serve some jail time.

We no longer have issues with her keeping the child away because she now understands that we are not afraid to dragging her *** to court, no matter how long it takes. Here are the rules to follow if want to win using the legal route:

1) If you do not have court ordered visitation, get it! No angry bitter woman should decide how often your man sees his child, let the court decide that.

2) If you have court ordered visitation and she doesn't turn up or refuse to hand over the child, CALL the POLICE!. They will tell you it is a civil matter and they cannot help. That is BS! be persistent and ask for a police report. They will need to see your court order so make sure you have it on hand.

3) DOCUMENT every communication with the Crazy! As such I would suggest  that you limit all telephone conversations especially if your man is making plans as to when to see the child, have it in a text message or email. And all the hate mails and texts that she sends, SAVE THEM. You can imagine my husband's baby momma's surprise when my husband's attorney started reading text messages that were over a year old to the judge of her rants and threats to keep away the baby. She had forgotten them but not us. 

4) DOCUMENT all incidents and  run-ins you may have with the CRAZY because over time you might forget what really happened.

5) When you pay child support make sure it by a verifiable method, NO CASH.

6) Encourage your man to be a model dad. When you have a looming legal battle make sure that your committment cannot be questioned. Be on time for pick ups, smile and be polite (this hard, I know) , take the child out to play in park, Monkey Joes, have conversations with the child but most of all take pictures of all these activities. This might sound a bit fake but if CRAZY suggests that you have no interest, nothing like a scrap book of fun times that will dispel that lie to a judge.

7) Be prepared to lose a few battles to win the war. I cannot tell how many times throughout that year my husband and I would travel 5 hours to pick up the child and we would have to return home empty handed and depressed when baby momma would not turn up at the pick up location. But we always got a police report but we had our day in court, after months of patience and strategic planning.

Be on your game new girlfriends and wives and always remember that a crazy baby momma is just the idiot that your man should have just made give him a blow job! Any woman that does not not have the class and grace to move on when somebody clearly has no interest in her is to be pitied. Do not allow her to vex your spirit! Bitterness and anger only cause wrinkles and obesity, and you do not want any of that!


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I'm glad we're not the only oneS been 8 years and she's still going at it... We took her back to court & the judge pretty well said if parental alienation persists then she will lose custody and we will have full custody! She's crazy! It drives me nut! Argh

does anyone have any information on getting rights when the baby's mother is married to another man in jail?

This really lifted my hopes and god bless this woman with such understanding

My step daughter is now 16 and I am STILL saving every crazy mama text, email and facebook post. I can see the change in my husband's daughter over the years towards her mother. One day crazy baby mama will wake up and be all alone because she will have finally drove her daughter away. But, for the record, her father does not talk about her mother. The crazy baby mama does enough damage on her on.

And I hope she does eventually get sole custody

Spoken like a crazy baby momma.

Fortunately, with such ludicrous behavior, there's not a chance of sole custody. Sole custody can ONLY be granted under specific state-defined criteria, and failed relationships are not one of them. Courts care about the best interest of the child. Depriving your child a father because of failed romantic endeavors is selfish and borderline abusive. No decent parent would ever damage their children to get back at an ex.

Yes MsMidnightBlue, well said! Dgaf92 is nothing but a little girl mentally. Real women would never keep away a child because a man doesn't want them. The bond between a child and father should never be tampered with.

well it's my opinion

Putting your romantic needs above your child's parental needs is selfish no matter how you split it. Just because you have an opinion doesn't make it a good one.

well that's your opinion but i wish the best for the mother and hope she eventually gets full custody.

Is your basis for that just blind man-hate, or do you have a legitimate reason?

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Thank you for sharing this. My husband needs to see this. Thank you all for your stories, I am not alone and together we can all get through this. I love my husband but not his drama.

Hello wat if its the other way around kids father lives with his other baby mama in she keeps him from seeing his kids ... I'll hit her up on Facebook asking her ta let my kids see they father but she go on with some old BS or downing me .... He wants to see his kids but that girl haves the big hand because my kids father don't have a place to stay ....

We tried all that you suggested & the baby momma always gets a slap on the wrist in court as she tries to make my husband look like a deadbeat. He pays his court ordered child support but has stopped driving 2 hrs just for Baby Momma not to show up. He calls but never gets an answer or call back. His daughter is very cold to him now & he is thinking about giving up his parental rights being that he can't use them anyway....

I just absolutely love this post! Every little bit of it. Justice!

I love this my situation is soo familiar. When I first got with my boyfriend his child mother found me on fb & was all nice wanted to have lunch bc she felt she should meet bc I been around her 2010 after my daughter was born the MADNESS began. She wrote me messages sayn how she was ******* him and calld me her babysitter,hoes,etc but guess what SHES MARRIED!! She has him in child support court evry mth & when he want the kids she ignores phone calls & dnt want the kids around his other kids. Recently she took a warrant out on him for harrasment.She made up a fake page talking crazy **** & calld my daughter a lil ***** & said keep clockin in so I can help my man pay childsupport. She takes him bak&forth to court for child support but the kids never have decent stuff. I had to give his son a pair of my shoes bc his ma sent him down with too little shoes for the entire summer.she admitted she is gonna break us up & is doing everything she can....HOW CAN I HELP MY MAN??

Going through the same exact thing right now and it is refreshing to hear of success and new ideas.

My husband ex girlfriend didn't give his son his last name or put his name on the birth cert. she keeps moving from fl to nj and then pa! The baby is only 18 months and he sends money and she sends it rt bk. then she tell him he can't never see him or have pics of him. It's truly heart breaking because my husband has talked to lawyers and we have got no help. Then she calls out the blue and says he can see the child if he pays 17,000 in bk child support and $900 a month! Some one please help we need some ideas

U need to get a lawyerPlease reply with authenticity, support, and respect

My girlfriend left me because my crazy baby momma mailed a letter to her parents house slandering me or libel. She said she couldn't do it and out of respect for her and her family I can understand that, but what relationships are perfect?

@ missomellow, Have you guys spoken to a lawyer? The fact that he signed away his rights years ago when he was much younger might not be as significant as you think. I know we have heard a lot about the court system but it really is not a bad as we think. Courts are ultimately interested in the best interest of the child and it is the child's best interest to have a mom and dad in his or her life.<br />
<br />
@kiwimyx, thanks for the love! Suggest Weight Watchers to your hubby's ex. Sounds like she has some physical and emotional weight to shed. LOL!

I love this advice. I think I just responded to your other post. Only had my husband done those things you mentioned as far as courts. He & his ex have joint custody but with him being in the military she uses that to her advantage that he's always gone. Which is true, he is. For 13 years he & I have been married he's been deployed for 10 years. YES!! In & out.....he's done only one shore duty (which means he doesn't deploy out to sea for 3 years) and the rest has been all sea duty ranging every other 6 months. So, it made it hard and that was her way of going M.I.A when she knew what she was doing was wrong. There have been phone coversations between my husband and his son but when she would uproot and relocate, there would be no contact unless times get tough and she wants something. We never get a hello or hi dad I was thining of you or would like to come see you. It's always MATERIAL!! I can't imagine how a woman could go on and use a child as a weapon to hurt the father. Whatever happened to morals and respect and regardless of the past and if the father has moved on or is a dead beat or whatever......still allow your child(ren) see their father!! You surely didn't make the baby yourself. And my thing is WHY punish the men who WANT to be in their child's life?? I think it's backwards to punish the good men who are trying but the ones who aren't and are true dead beats, get the utmost respect. I'm confused. LOL<br />
<br />
Most women (not all) are so stupid and simple minded they don't see that they get more along with child support by allowing the child to be with their fathers. They get a break, they get extra clothing when the child visits their father (still collecting child support), they get school supplies, new shoes (shoes are very expensive), toys, video games, etc....and that frees the mother up to date, remarry and do whatever she pleases while she puts the responsibility on the father who is now stuck with the child during the summers and has to deal with all the heartache of the child's selfishness. Instead, most women think keeping the child from the father will punish him when in reality, it hurts themselves and their child. In the end the child is not going to care who did what to whom, how much child supoprt was paid, or the father having a new wife or girlfriend, etc...NO, that child is going to want to know WHY wasn't their father apart of their lives and with the woman's lies.....the child is going to hear the father's side (if they decide to seek a relationship) and will grow angry toward their own mother who raised them all of their life once they hear their father's side of the story. Then, the entire ordeal has back fired and now the mother is playing victim and paying the price. LOL!! Karma<br />
<br />
Boy, I can't wait for the day God showers his Blessings and shows these children including my husband's son the TRUTH!! The truth will hurt but it will also set them all free. The mother is the one who will suffer and have regrets.<br />
<br />
I have seen what my husband goes through and I don't wish any thing such as "baby momma drama" on anyone. It's a mess that can be avoided and I don't understand why two adults who made the child, can't sit down and come together to raise the child without chaos and drama. It's sad and such a horrible society we live in. Jealousy is a killer. You are right bitterness and anger will only cause wrinkles and obesity. That's where my husband's ex is right now. No matter how many times she remarries or goes to school or relocates, she will never be happy until she decides one day to ask for forgiveness and change for herself.<br />
<br />
I'm glad there are discussions out here like this one. I feel so much better letting my thoughts out. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

You said it well. It is good to know that I am not the only one going through this but it is sad that this is what we are dealing with. It is emotionally draining. My husband and I are dealing with an extreme excuse maker and habitual liar and has taught his daughter the same. We used to see her on weekends and holidays only but now we see her summers and vacations. Spending longer periods of time with her we have found out much about her habits and personality. She's not a very pleasant person and I admit I am ashamed of her behavior when we are out of earshot. The Crazy and the daughter continue to lie (to each other even, wonder how well that's going to work out) and they only call when they need something. It is heartbreaking and disappointing everyday. I am worn out from the stress and have gotten a phenomenal amount of grey hairs just in the last month. I'm starting to not care and that is not like me at all.