I Have Learned

Hello All,
I have learned, the best way to deal with baby mama drama, or baby daddy drama is not too.  The best thing you can do is support, love and trust your signifigant other.  I feel as though your heart will tell you if something is not right.  
Since being involved with my honey, I have had to learn to humble myself as wll as how to be completely open to a new way of thinking.  
He has two an ex wife and a special baby mother.  I see that it is not my place to dictate how he deals with them, and over time and conversations I have learned the best thing to do is allow him to be an adult and handle what ever he needs too. 
The children will not be little forever, and the bonds that are formed can be either positive or negative.  I want the bonds to be postive, I want my influece to be one of support and trust.  
There are times/days when this is not as easy as it sounds, but I have to ground myself and get my mind right when ever I am feeling less than secure.  
I hope my words help you as well.  
Have a good day! 
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I completely agree. The more we feed into the drama the more miserable it makes us. We cant change what has already happened in life so lets not waste our time thinking about it. We just have to; Move on, let go and get over it.

Just read ur post and I think its something i needed to hear .. im tired of arguing with my boyfriend about his baby mama situation. You've made a really good point, im glad ur word were able to help me see things in a different way. Thank you!

Goodday im so happy i came across this page i needed to hear someone tell me these words especially someone in the same situation, i will also try and look at the positive side and make sure i give him space to handle the babymama drama on his own and support him were i can

Hello,<br />
Its refreshing to hear from a man on this issue. I applaud your wife for being patient and supportive. I know it isn't easy at times.

I agree with you completely and I think you have a very mature way of dealing with it! I am currently on my second marriage-and my lovely wife is forced to deal with my baby momma's dramma because I have two daughters with a beast of an ex wife. My wife has so much patience-but i find it very hard to deal w/ my ex's drama but am realizing more and more it is better not to contribute to the drama or give into it. It is best to handle it like adults and only think about the children not our issues w. our exs. I think it is wonderful for a step parent to have a positive influence and close bond; and it only helps create a happy environment for the children involved in these situations.