6 Years And Still Counting....ugh!

I'm the fiancé of a baby daddy. I have been running into circles everytime I have to re-think about my situation. The title to my post-yes, it's true! Recently, we have been bumping heads with BM due to her actions. BD receieved a text from BM, asking if he recieves extra benefits for claiming Baby; before he could respond back to ask where she would get that information from, she replied "Awesome." Which, I'm sure we all assume that she found out some way somehow, that he does recieve extra benfits for claiming the baby. Well we've spoken to lawyers and we were informed that she committed a felony fraud-considering she works for the VA(government). BD doesnt want to take action against her-he says because of karma. She has been a HUGE pest since the get-go. She has told my step-son so many bad things about me, that my step-son even told her she was lying, soo many lies, that i feel bad about telling my 6yr old the truth, too many to name and not enough space ;-); I'll be honest with y'all because I want everyones honest opinion, I'm really debating if I should stay in this relationship. I'm getting older, and I'm in that time where I want to start my family, and it's hard for me to have my family brought into this bs. I have been nothing but too nice to this woman, and when I say, too nice: I gave her a homemade collage picture frame for Christmas in 2009(the gift tag had my name, which read who it was from) and she assumed and still assumes to this day, that it was from BD! YEA! I have a nut-job to deal with, my question is it really worth it when we get no justice from it. Thanks for reading and I'm open to all opinions.
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I understand what you are going through.You are In love with your fiancee and all the drama BM is overshadowing that love and commitment. It sounds like you have done your part to express to her that you want things to be civil, via the gift etc.You have done all you can do, you cant change the BM, and obviously she has issues, hence why your love isnt with her anymore.I understand when you say still counting it is hard when the Bm is a wacko.You have to decide if this stress is to much for you to handle, because unfortunately the crazy woman will be there for life. I am going thru the same thing and at times I want to throw my hands up.I already made the forever commitment, and I knew what a crazy the bm was beforehand.I look at my husband , and our kids and the stress fades.That and I read alot of blended family material.It is very helpful because there are many people going through the same thing.As for your question, I think you should just let the issue go.