My Boyfriends Baby Momma Is Crazy!

Well Im pretty sure the title gives away everything! My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months now, we've known each other for about 5/6 years. And we know that we are meant to be and plan on getting married as soon as I finish college. ( But I have a weird feeling he's going to do it sooner!) So he has a little girl turning 2 in July and we both love her to pieces. He get her half of the week, then sends her to her mom. Well his baby momma was just recently engaged and suppose to be getting married, but of course something happened and they called it off. Since she has called it off, she has been NON-STOP calling my boyfriend asking him why they cant be a family and that she needs him...blah blah blah. He tells her all the time that he doesnt want to be with her anymore and that it didnt work out for a reason. He tells me all the time that he is happy with me and that he wont ever break up with me for another girl, if he becomes unhappy in our relationship thats when he'll let me know so we can atleast work on staying together, if not we'll part ways. He has never lied to me at all, he's actually very blunt. He tells me the truth even when it hurts and it's good to know that he's not worried about hurting my feelings rather than lying to me. So I believe everything he says to me. The thing I cant stand is we can be enjoying the weekend together just laying in bed and baby momma will be calling. He hardly answers her phone call and rarely answers her texts. He keeps telling her if it doesnt have to deal with our child, dont call me. She will call just to talk about stupid things. I have a hard time dealing with this, I hate the fact that she's trying to get him back. Im not worried at all that he'll leave. The thing Im worried about is the fact that he cant stand all of this that she's doing. He cried to me the other night, asking me if he thought he liked what was going on. He said it's not fair and he wants her to stop and that she does this everytime he's single or in a relationship, she doesnt care. That's not all, because baby momma drama never ends. She called the other day saying she has cancer or the ovaries or uterus (I cant remember) and Im more than sure she's going to use that at her advantage to try and get him back. Yes I am sad she has cancer, but from what I hear it's not that bad and that the treatment will work the first couple of times.
I swear I want to pull my hair out. And I keep thinking to myself, "damn I cant deal with this anymore," But then I look over and him and think yes I can, I know my place and with him I can do anything. Staying strong is hard, but Im all for it for him.
Some advice would be much appreciated! Especially someone who was in the same position or is currently:)
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i am in the same situation. my boyfriends baby momma constantly threatens to keep the child from seeing his dad. I know its because she's bitter he's dating other women and it makes me feel so guilty to see the child be thrown into the mix. He's trying to get custody of his kid but the system is so flawed and it's taking nearly six months now. I'm going to go crazy from her constant threatening and insults that she throws out every time my boyfriend wants to spend time with his kid.

I love this paragraph its hard being with someone with babymama drama the same thing is happening to me rite now and I can't stand it I just went through his phone she keep begging I want what we had back if you say no ill cry and then she text him every morning saying hey baby good morning good night it drives me crazy I don't know what to do

I forgot to mention that she pulls their daughter out of date care on wednesday ( thats the day we get her) just so that he has to drive to her house and pick up his daughter and so that she can see him. He's already told her to stop but she wont. I cant wait til she finds someone that makes her happy and stops trying to get with my boyfriend.