Psycho Baby Mom

Im 19 years old and in a relationship with a guy who has a 1 year old. His baby's mom is completely psycho! He recently told her about me (we've been in an official relationship since the beginning of March). The next day after he told her about me she began to tweet me and a week later she messaged me on FB saying its my fault that he wont get to see his child and that he cares more about me than his daughter. I get she may be upset or hurt but Im starting to think that I cannot put up with her. She constantly calls to talk to him about things that have nothing to do with their child. When he tells her that he is with me she flips out causing him to also get upset because if he hangs up the phone she calls repeatedly for hours. Its annoying to me and its beginning to be stressful! I dont want to stop talking to him but she's arguing with him about me and I feel as though if I stop talking to him that maybe some of their problems will go away. Its not what I want to do but I dont want him not being able to see his baby girl because of me. His child and baby mom live over 1000 miles away and she is determined to ruin our relationship. She has even told him that if she's not happy he and I wont be either! Maybe since I am not a single mother I dont get it but I just dont think its fair! This girl has me damn near in tears wondering if one day he's just going to tell me its not going to work out or that Im going to have to tell him. I dont want to just walk away but dealing with her is something that I dont have the time or energy to deal with right now.
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that right there is bs. he needs to check her, she needs to know that she is the mother of his child not the mother of his life! if he doesnt she will keep coming at you saying anything she can just to try to brake you guys up! thats one thing that i have notice about baby moms is that they think the can control a dude just by having a kid with them but really these men leave them for a reason so in all reality they dont care about them anyway! but they dont know how much under the skin the females can get, it can an will drive you away if he dont do nothing

Be strong. Im going through the similiar thing as well. There's a reason why they call it 'Baby momma drama'! lol I know it's hard, really hard. My boyfriend has cried to me because he cant take anymore of his baby mommas drama. But let me tell you something, pretend she doesnt exsist. She's trying to get the best of you and by God she's doing just that. Dont cry because of her. If your man really truly wants to spend his life with you then he wont leave you. If you walk away, you lose and she wins. Dont let her win. Block her from FB if shes writing you messages try and avoid all contact with her.<br />
And remember to remain strong within your self. Your man can see when youre strong and when you are weak.

Thanks! Im a few days late but I really needed to read that! I kept telling myself just that if you walk away she wins. Im trying to be strong and he knows it bothers me even though I try and hide it because I hate for him to have to worry about anything else. Because the constant arguing with her is stressful enough!