Husband Still In Love With Child's Mother?

I met my husband in high school. 10th grade to be exact. We were really good friends.Both of us were in long distance relationships. He dated a girl and confided in me about a lot of his feelings for this girl just as I did about my boyfriend. Both basically considered first loves! I was so in love with my boyfriend that's why it was so easy for me to understand his feelings for his girlfriend. Years pass and we are now both single. Things didn't work out for him cause she cheated on him and my relationship didn't work because he decided to marry someone else*due to the long distance* I GUESS. Anyway we decided to date and I tell u things were so amazing between us. It was like I was dating my best friend. I was floating on cotton candy! Clouds I mean but that's how sweet his love was! I had been in love before but this was something different. I knew this was the man I was going to marry. 6 months into our relationship he revealed to me that his ex had came into town and he cheated on me and now she was pregnant! And he could possibly be the father! I had never felt that kinda pain in my life. This man! I gave my whole heart to this BOY! Can't call him a men cause ,this was pure grade school behavior! And to set it all off is I happen to be pregnant with his child as well. What was I to do? Well I stayed with him. Eventually we got married and have been married for 8 years now. But I have to say we gave been dealing with nothing but drama from my step daughters mother. She has proved that she is really unstable. My step daughter is about to be 9 and has moved atleast 30 times. She failed the 3rd grade this year and my husband lets this woman run all over him. Everytime he wants to see his daughter its a problem. She always playing mind games and its mind boggling to me that he never does anything about all this??? Could he still be in love with her. I know its been years bout his actions seem suspect. I kno wish I never knew about there previous relationship, because I know how he used to feel about her. I just wonder if there are some unresolved feelings and its starting to really bother me:(
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I can so relate . I w ill eventually tell my whole story but the basics . Im new name is Allison . Mother of three and 1 step daughter. My childrens father died this year but my husband has been in their life since 8 4 and 2 not long after my divorce from their father with Alot of drama been through hell. My children are 11 8 and 5 and had a relationship with both fathers and was beginning to build a bond with their step sister as i helped my husband/ then fiance at the time build a bond back with his own daughter 3 at the time we had been engaged and planning a wedding when he had a affair that lasted a month with her . Well i chose forgive trust and marry him past gone. We had established f#'*ing boundarys but lo and behold private conversation with i mis u baby and hey angel and come see me bull after this past month fighting about my insecurities ugh! Still tryn to figure out how to deal! 7 MO now he has had a great job that is the main reason she loves him again. my children dont need to lose another