Love Him Or Leave Him??

My on again off again fiancée has 4 kids by 4 different women. One is cool, they've been broken up for years and she's with someone else, one is out of the picture (took their son and disappeared), one has a newborn haven't had much interaction with her but they weren't really in a relationship. The other is an absolute PSYCHO!! She Facebook messaged me, called, and text me so much that I.had to block her from all of those
She constantly says.that he's still with her and says that they are married. They were together off and on for 7 years and when I met him (unbeknownst to me) they were living together! He proposed to me on 5/20. His deception in the beginning combined with her accusations that he's still with her make it hard to trust him. She watches his house to know when he's there, calls his family to find his location, and constantly lies! (she swore that he was with her on his birthday but him and I were out of town together). We haven't been together that long and I've stopped wearing my ring but we still spend all of our time together. I'm wondering if I should walk away from all the drama or stick it out?? I feel like he's serious since he's never proposed to anyone else. Not to make it all negative, he's a great guy, very caring, extremely generous, funny, and thinks I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread, and he's very.nice to my daughter. but deception, cheating and 4 stepkids plus 4 baby mamas?! Advice?
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Seriously?! Why would you even contemplate this?! If you need strangers advice online the answer is NO!!! Run, girl, run!!!

Happy Birthday and good for you. It's really not worth it at any age. You can do better. Best wishes.

Also, you said you guys haven't been together that long. How long? Doesn't he have a newborn child? Is this the cheating you referred to or was that the still living with one of the other baby mamas?

No, girl was pregnant when I met him. He however didn't tell me about the child on the way, I found out through baby mama #3, the one he was living with. He got bm #4 pregnant while he and 3 were broken up...I know it's crazy. We've been together only since Feb

Well I have made a decision to completely end it. My bday is tomorrow and I don't want to go into year 25 with the drama. I had to block both bm 3&4 from my Facebook and change my number so it's past time to leave

Why do women set such low standards for themselves? It's really a shame. 4 kids by 4 different women? And you seriously need advice? Let's not forget that combined with deception already. Also, what's an on again off again fiancee?

So because someone has multiple children does that mean they don't get another chance at love? On again off again meaning we've canceled the wedding date, but we haven't officially called off the engagement, I still have my ring

I'm not saying that those individuals don't get another chance at love, but they have to realize that some women are not going to find their situation appealing. It's all a choice that people are free to exercise and people have a right to question a person's decision making. No one is owed anything in that regard. Obviously, you are having doubts and concerns. Baby mama drama is nothing new. So either you are going to leave the situation or not. Quite simple.