How Do I Except

Me and my fiance have been together for four years, we both came with baggage I have a four year old son, he has a six year old daughter and an insane baby mama. From the day she found out about me it started the lies the threats the harassing phone calls and her favorite, court hearings, in the last four years she took him to court over twenty times. She even takes his sister to court she does not know where we live or have our phone number because she calls the police on him and says he did something to her when he hasn't seen or spoken to her in months. They have a visitation arrangement that she never follows, he is suppose to get her every other weekend but hes lucky to see her once in three months some how she gets away with whatever she wants its like the law is always on her side. This is just a quarter of the stuff that is going on if I listed everything I could write a book, anyway the problem I have is for the last three years we've been trying to have another baby with no luck between depression from infertility and anger from his baby mama drama I am also very jealous. I have a son by another man but he is currently incarcerated my son has only seen him once which may be for the best. My fiance treats him more like a son than I could have ever hoped for, he is his daddy and that's all my son knows. I still feel incomplete I had a devastating miscarriage 2 years before my son was born and my baby would have been the same age as my fiances daughter. His daughter doesn't really care for me because of some of the things her mom tells her who would tell a three year old their daddies girlfriend is going to kill them and shes keeping their daddy away from them. My fiances baby mama still wants him and I just feel like they have something I don't we're getting married next year I don't know if that will make the situation any better she'll probably get ten times worst. The last time we seen her she told me this has nothing to do with me it's between her and her baby daddy she needs to talk to him alone. I didn't keep my mouth shut but deep down I knew she was right he's not my husband yet she has more ties to him. I have been talking my friends head off about this and me and my fiance just argue when I bring up the topic that's why I'm up here any opinions.
wishing23 wishing23
Sep 12, 2012