" Eight Years And Now She Has A Crush"

Hello everyone this is my first time doing anything like this but I am soo over the crap at this point i think i just need to vent. Ok here i go, first lets start off i love my husband he is hands down the greatest man ever made (for the most part). We have been together 8 yrs and married 5. He has 2 children from 2 i dont even know what to call them i guess relationships. thats our background. Up until about 2 yrs ago its just been the average baby mamma stuff in a nutshell we were always mad about how she was raising his daughter the stupid things she would say, stupid phone calls, arguing constantly about nothing u know the usual, but in recent times its been a little more personal. She starting to get really jealous of the things we do together i.e me getting a new car (what in the f*** does that have anything to do with her), she has been wearing lots of form fitting clothes when we come to pick up their daughter, oh and she has been giggling a whole lot and so so much more this is just recent events. I have been the supportive wife, no drama, never had any cross words with her but she has had much to say over the years (indirectly of coure but im not a stupid broad i know its towards me) and all the while i have kept my mouth shut and done the mature thing. Well i dont know how much more i can take i havent heard from my stepdaughter in 3 months, which coincidently followed the longest amount of time i have ever spent with my stepdaughter alone 3 weeks (my hubby is in afghanistan =( . I could go on and on, but what made me join this site is that we are embarking new grounds here i feel it in my everything...the baby mamma is developing a new crush for my husband, you have to understand this has never been a problem for our situation in the past. I have handled everything great up until now. This is where i loose my cool and i feel it approaching soon and i need to talk to someone before i do. I would like to reamain a lady through all this, its the only thing that has kept me sane for 8 yrs of this bullshit, that she through all of her stupidity has only experienced me at my best so Ha-ha-haha-ha. Ive been killing her with not kindness but gracefullness and she hates my guts simply because of me being ME! Sorry about the rambling...this really does help!
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Wow Hellyeah26...first off you are doing the right thing being mature and proper about all of this. I can relate to ur situation in a sense. It sux being stuck in the middle like the child has too, but the love we have for our man is beyond selfish women who act like childs themselves. It's of course jelousy and maybe a bit scare for the mothers to have there child arnd a female that cld become the stepmom eventually bt undrstnd we knw our place and by no means are trying to take there place as a mother. My man baby mama obviously thinks this because she can't stand that her daughter considers me a best friend and I am all good with being a BF. I'm not forcing her to like me I'm just being me arnd her. Its sad because the more sh** they do that is selfish the harder it gets to be sane. Don't let her break you. Be the best u can be arnd her child for they need peace when there enviroment is alrdy a bit hectic.you knw ur place she just wants to hert the father becuz it didn't wrk out and maybe there's a bit of resentment or hert and guilt there who knws...only the parents do...I've noticed that females like this can't stand to see the dad happy like it only okay for them to be happy. It is tuff and a mother out to get hers makes it no easier. I have my fair share to deal with but I let him handle it. I don't agree with how she wants to do thngs smetmes bt I have no say because I knw my lane. Don't let her insercurity eat at u because your handling your end by being loving to ur man and his child. Let her hate, respect her as a mother, but as a person don't care for her drama because it will get her and benefit her no where but mistakes and stress.I wish u and urs the best to be at a place where this settles down and is manageable to a point she realizes and considers her childs needs is all its about with the father not hers. Take care!