Psycho Babymama!!!!!!!!

So my boyfriend of 6 years has 3 kids other than my daughter. His oldest child mother we get along great she's married&a sweet person, HOWEVER his other bbymama is crazyyy.when she first found out we were talking she wanted to meet me bc I met her kids,sayn how my bf&her always argue over the kids,just being friendly..soon as I had my daughter she started sendn me messages saying how they were *******,calld me her babysitter,she has him in child support court everymonth & keeps the kids away but tell everyone he is a deadbeat. He is a good man&father the kids love him.Recently she calld my daughter a ***** of her fake page then when my bf calld her she took a warrant out on him for harrassment.She told me I trappd him, and my trap aint go last.This ***** stay doing evil ****
jazzlos73 jazzlos73
1 Response Nov 1, 2012

First off let me say you are so lucky to have at least one babymomma that is decent! i wish i had that:( but i hate to say the name calling will never stop, and the truth is that its not you its her. she is always going to be hell bent on breaking you guys up and mostly getting under your skin. She will go to insane legnths to **** you off. Honestly you gotta blow it off its her own insecurities shes dealing with. Your man will begin to notice how immature she is and and how classy you are handling it. Best of luck girl!!