2 For The Price Of 1

I met my husband back in 2006. We started out as neighbors and soon started dating. The only thing was that he was 36 and 1 was only 19. We didnt really know that about eachother though. I thought he was 30 and he thought i was 26. when age finally came up we discovered that it didnt matter because we were having a blast! The only issue for us was that he had 1 ex wife and 1 ex girlfriend that he had kids with. Absolutly not a bad thing at all. I love kids and when i saw him with kids i knew he was an awesome dad. I will admit that first i thought "wow not one ex with kids, but two? What is wrong with him that he cant mantain a relationship?"

Here would start the quite amusing yet never ending saga we all like to refer to as "baby mama drama"

In my story i will refer to the ex-wife as "One" and the ex girlfriend as "Two"

Lets start with what happened first. Apparently, when my husband was married to One, she would run around on him, cheat, lie, gamble all of their money away, etc. She wanted to leave him for her boss who made tons of money, so she pretended to have cancer so she could go on a wekkend get away with her boss. Let's face it-If your doctor told you that you had cancer and had to go to another state for treatment wouldnt the first person you confide in be your spouse? I thought so. She didnt want him. He tried again and again to keep the family together because they had 2 great kids together. When it was over for real, my husband decided to go live up the single life. Wouldnt you? However, thats when he found himself in a bind with "Two".

My husband and Two had only been seeing eachother for a few months when she founf out she was pregnant. My husband loves kids but lets be real, even she should have freaked out. Having a baby with someone you dont know at all?? He thought maybe she would be ok with having an abortion. I dont like abortions but i am pro choice. Choice for the women who get knocked up by a guy that raped them, or a guy they dont know(in this case), or cant support it, there are so many reasons. I wouldnt have got an abortion either, im just saying this situation was bound to be a mess from that moment on.Go figure- my husband and Two never got along, they didnt love each other but they tried to stay together because they each had 2 kids to their ex spouses. When they finally seperated for good that is when i met my husband.

Right away for no reason at all, Two has an issue with me. I had never met her and had didnt even know what she looks like. She claimed it was due to my age and that i was not appropriate. I was in college, independent, and living my life. I was and am still no harm to her child but she was simply acting on pure jealousy. (you know that jealousy women have when they dont want him but also no one else can have him syndrome)

One did the same thing, i dunno why she thought she was special too but she also tried to make my husbands life miserable. I mean seriously think about this.......

Why would someone purposely call and email and text nasty things to their baby daddy. It jealousy and bitterness. Which, i want to add, they say i have because when they get on me about things that they have no reason to the first thing they do is tell me im jealous and bitter. Im not jealous because im not insecure about myself. i know im worthy of my husband. i know he loves me and i know who i want to be, and its not a hateful vendictive person.

If i had a child with someone and we divorced. I would make myself move on because living miserably isnt healthy or fun at all. Maybe it would or maybe it wouldnt make me sad at first but i would NEVER NEVER NEVER make my child unhappy because i am.

Both of the ******* my poor husband has to deal with hurt their children more then anything.

Here's how:

They both take child support from him. So much that he has to work extra time to make sure he can support them at his home. He sometimes has to work in order to be able to put food his kids mouth and the same day one of the baby mama's is begging for him to take his kid, but how can he if he has to work. Guess what happened next? Both of them are guilty of doing this... They turn to their child and look them in the face and say "your dad doesnt want to see you today." That one sentence can change a child's mind forever. If you love you child why would you do that to them? I was the child in that situation, it sucks.

Then one time "One" got my husband all wound up to the point where he called her a ****. She turned to her daughter who was 12, and said "your dad thinks im a ****-i guess he thinks you are too!" Really?!?!?!? Let me get this straight. I'm no good for your kids because of my age and because i dont have kids yet, but your good for your kids because you tell them their dad thinks they are a ****?!?!?

They were forbidden to be in our wedding because they dont want their kids to see someone married over and over again. The ex wife was married 4 times and the kids were in every wedding. LMFAO!

"Two" took their daughter and hid her from him so he had no contact to her for 6 years. After blaming it all on me and saying we dont want the responsibility of kids thats why we dont care. We care very much, but her jealousy is too much in the way that her poor daughter had to go 6 years without seeing her father. Children need both parents when they are raised. I know from experience that it is imperative to have both the mother and father raise their child.

If you are someone who had kids with a man you are no longer with, i hope you love your kids more then anything because if you do then you will do whats best for them. Let them make the decisions and let them be with their dad, its important. Maybe not to you-but to them.
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2 kids with two separate women spells a recipe for disaster. Just too much baggage for most.

I'm dealing with the same issues as we speak! I totally agree with your last statement, despite the hate in the mothers heart, they should let their children see their fathers! I am appalled at the vindictive and, quite frankly, the immature behavior these mothers act out of. I really do think these women act out of pure jealousy, it's sad... it's pathetic. I feel terrible for their children.