Wish My Boyfriend'S Baby Mama Didn'T Hate Me

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. We have been on and off for two of those years, but have been together for the past year solidly. He has a son who is a year and half && is the cutest thing ever. The son's mother-- not so cute.. This whole thing started around two years ago when my boyfriend told me he was having a child. We had talked for hours about this whole situation. His son's mother was a one night stand and was nothing else than that. They had been talking about the whole situation and she decided she was going to keep their child whether he was there or not. When he told me, all I could think is "I'm sixteen, I don't think I can handle this," but me I love my boyfriend with all my heart, for him I would do anything, including having to deal with baby mama drama. As he told me he was having a child, I told him that I love him and that I would be here for him no matter what. No matter what-- was actually not no matter what. I had told him that he was either going to be in his son's life or he wasn't going to have me in his life. He told me was going to be there. His baby mama's pregnancy was not bad at all. But then she went into labor. She had text my boyfriend's phone. This in mind he had to be around Wi-Fi to get his messages, which we were not. She had text him saying she was in labor. Her Mother and she hates my boyfriend. They tell him that he's no good, that he's a dead beat, that his son doesn't need him because he has his mother's boyfriend. My boyfriend can only take so much of their drama before he can't take it anymore. One day his baby mama will let him see his son, they next she'll tell him she hates him and that their son doesn't need a dead beat like him in his life. She doesn't see him being all sad and depressed by not getting to see his son. She calls me the most harsh names, such as ****, hoe, etc. When she has never met me. She was so dead set about me never meeting either of them. One day, I had went to go and pick my boyfriend up form watching their son, his baby mama's mom let me meet him. He had told her I had met him. We were staying together and she had called him and told him that she was coming to get him to watch their son. He said I'm with my girlfriend.. She told him to tell me to go home. He said no we're staying together that night. And once again she goes you need to have your priorities straight you have a son, he's your main priority. I completely understand and I told him I would go home. But he said no. She asked why he would watch other people's kids but not watch his own. He said because they let me bring my girlfriend with. She said that she didn't want me around him because she didn't want him to get use to me and then us not work out. Once again I understand that completely. She thinks I want to take her spot, but I don't. I just want my boyfriend to be able to be with me and his son at the same time. His two important people is his life together in the same room instead of him with me for a couple hours and his son a couple. I have tried to talk to this girl, but she just isn't having it. I want to let her know I don't want to take her place as their son's mother, but i want her to no that I want to get to know them too, they're just as big of a part of my boyfriend's life as I am. I want her to get a hold of me if she needs something, or some one to talk to. I don't want to hate her, but everyday I have to put up with this, I get more and more tired of it.
So I guess, should just wait for her to come and around and hope one day that she will or just give it up?.
will she ever stop hating me?.
I'm just lost on this whole situation..
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girl I know what you mean okay... I hate babe mama myself.!!!!!REALLY I DO.. look you and ur boyfriend/husband need to go to court for your guys kids. I say your guys because you have been there for him no matter what....don't be lost your lost because that littlie boy find love not hate keep fighting. lots of love I know what u r going through!!!!! BUT SHE IS A LITTIE GIRL.

I am in the exact same situation ..
My boyfriend cheated on me with a girl he used to use as a rebound. She ended up pregnant, and kept the baby, (which I am extremely thankful for) Once I found out this girl was pregnant, I did everything in my power to mend what she screwed up ... I couldn't face to see her pregnant everyday from my current ex boyfriend cause I wanted to kill her. I made things right .. after awhile me and my ex mended things up and he proved to me he wanted to be with me and he had made a mistake .. we took time and fixed things but she hated it. He told her right from the beginning he didnt want to be with her but would support his child... Now she can;t stand me and wouldnt let me around the baby for the longest time ... my boyfriend just told her that the baby is not a control method she is to be equally shared and loved. Now, his baby mama and I can't get along like we used to but atleast I am able to support him the way he needs to support his daughter ! If you just hold off, and wait it out she will cave and realize she can't keep the baby from you. You are your boyfriends family, and so is his son, which makes you all family. Remember that and good luck!

I don't see why u want her to like u so much?? It shouldn't matter whether she likes u or not. U are not there to please her u are their to please your man!! If she doesn't like the fact that he obviously moved on and is happy with someone else other than her that's her problem!!! She has no choice but to deal with it. That's something he has to deal with, when it comes down to it at the end of the day it's his responsibility to put his foot down as a man. Set boundaries and if that doesn't work take her to court and get things done that way...eventually she will give up but in the mean time don't go trying to break bread and be at peace with her..for what??? What could u two possibily have to have fun and talk about?? The fact that u both slept with the same man!?? She got pregnant and now he is happily in love with u and u guys are trying to build a future together???!! NOPE not gonna happen...she will FOREVER ENVY just the thought of that. It's obvious she isn't trying to be civil about the situation and probably will never be. Leave well enough alone..stand behind your man...everything else will fall into place she will not be able to fight this battle forever eventually she will get tired and give up. They always do.....

Ok, well i am in the same type of situation but my boyfriends child isn't here yet he will be here soon, and I have all types of drama. This girl will probably never stop hating you until she feels secure of her position within herself. My boyfriends babymother hates me and me and him have been together for two years now. We broke up and that is how this situation with the baby has come about. Me and him decided to get back together and although I have decided to accept his child 100% into my life, she doesn't want me around, he had to tell her that I would be around and that he is taking her to court for her to understand she has no valid reason to keep his child away from me and him due to the fact that she has ill feelings towards us for being together. Your boyfriend needs to let her know that you will be around and if she doesn't want to cooperate he needs to take her to courts because I am honestly sick of these females using their kids as pawns to make the fathers do as they please. If you were around throughout the entire pregnancy she knew what the situation was going to be when the baby got here. She's bitter and angry and it wont stop until he knips it in a bud. How you go into a situation is how it will end. Remember that. I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK WITH EVERYTHING.!