How Can You Deal With The Drama?

I am married to a man that has 3 kids with his ex. I have always made it a point to stay pout of their issues. She has always given him a hard time and uses the kids as weapons against him. About a yr ago I started reading and looking into the court orders. I found out he had so many rights that he didn't even know he had. My hubby would go months without seeing them just bcuz she didn feel like it. I can understand that when a woman comes into the picture, you worry bout her treating the kids right. This is not the case bcuz the kids love me and they show it. It is jealousy that she feels and she makes it evident. Since we been going by the court orders, she is livid. She now knows if she interferes, she can get a fine.
This weekend she actually had the balls to pound on our door(as she was picking the kids up) . My hubby was mad bcuz it was 4pm and he is supposed to pick them up at 6pm. Well, she pushed my hubby and made her way in to our doorway. I lost it then bcuz my kids are here. I have been civil until now, but that draws the line. We called the cops but they said there is nothing we can do bcuz she has 2 pick kids up. I mean that does not sound right. She can come n pound on our door, push my hubby , try to make her way into our house and cause drama? yet there is nothing that can b done unless we change the court order pick up/drop off. Yet it will also have to come out of our pocket. The sad part is their kids were scared and crying. What kind of mother would do that in front of the kids? I should have maintained my cool, but am I wrong? does anyone know anything that can be done?
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Yep restraining order she won't come near your house

If you feel the children are threatened by her antics, nothing will prevent you or filing a restraining order against her. Forced/aggravated entry is not allowed in any jurisdiction. Good luck. I hope everything works out for your family.