Iam Sooo Over Her Drama!

My boyfriend(baby daddy2 be/fiance)'s baby mama is sooo ridiculous. I really cant stand her. Their baby is only a few months old but she fails to realize he does NOT want to be with her. He has told her so many times and she clings on the fact that they should be together and that they were together etc etc. frankly I dont care if they were together the fact is they are not now and we are happy and she needs to move on. Iam just sick and tired of her threatening my man that he cant see his his child. he does everything for that baby she is always ordering him around and he does it and yet she still complains and cusses him out. i just dont know what to do to make her calm down and she doesnt even no iam prego yet..then she is really going to flip out. i just hate it and im tryin 2 control myself and not tell her off but i hate how shes trying to mess everything up. she got the short end of the stik i know but she made that choice.


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Why would you want to be with a "man" who just had a newborn and then jumped to you and knocked you up?! Why are women on these threads so stupid?? What makes you think he won't ever do that you?! Get real...

I understand how your feel but having just had a baby your bf's baby mama is probally scared, in need of help, and wishing she was still with the father of her child. Hopefully overtime-things well get better and your bf can be an involved father without his ex trying to get back with him.

I see that this comment was posted a while back. I hope you don't mind if I add my 2 cents worth. I am sure that a lot has changed in your situation by now, but just remember this: let your fiance deal with the baby mama drama. You don't have to, because you didn't make a baby with her. Just be the classy one-the bigger person. She may try to push your buttons, but don't let it ruin your day. Stay true to yourself and don't stoop to her level. And of course, this goes without saying, but make sure that when his other child comes over you are nice to him/her, but don't let that child try to play you and his dad against each other either. Trust me, I know. I am almost 30, so I may be a little older than you and the rest of the people who commented. I have been with my husband for almost 11 years and we have been married for 6. We got together shortly after I turned 19 and he was 21. We have a nice home and 3 beautiful children. He is a good man. The best, actually:) He has a child from a one night stand he had with his baby's mom. The boy was 3 when my hubby and I met. They barely even knew each other when they were fooling around as teens. It just shows that teens can sometimes be young and dumb. We've all done things we're not proud of. Anyway, Their son is going on 14 now. Over the years, the baby mama has tried to start trouble. She's called here making threats saying that she wanted to fight me and what not, calling my home 30 times in a 1 hour period, etc. She's even told my hubby that she would send her other baby's daddy to beat him up. LOL. All of this coming from a grown woman. Now, I will say that this is not an everyday occurance...she does it maybe once a year or so. Other than that, we don't hear from her. She and her sister has sent really mean emails to my facebook and Myspace pages, talking about my children, stating that they were ugly, which everyone know is not true. She has tried to keep my husband's son from him in the past, but became really jealous when he and I got married and had children. Just recently, I sent my stepson a message on his facebook page stating that I was proud of him for graduating the 8th grade, which he seemed really happy about. When the mom and sister saw it, the hate mail began again. Here's the deal: in my case, the BM is extremely ghetto. Like my hubby says, she is at the "bottom of the barrel. But she is also a bunch of talk. I have kids. I am married. Why would I want to be in a fight? That is SO high school. The first time she threatened to fight me, she never came over, (actually, she has never been in my home before) but I responded by getting a restraint order. Not because I was afraid of her, but because 1. I was sick of her calling my house, 2. I am too old to fight, and she is older than I am (by a year) and 3. Come on now...I am not going to kick her *** just because I can. Now when she was talking to my husband on the phone a couple of months ago, she claimed that she was outside (which she wasn't) ready to fight and told my hubby to come outside and to bring me, because she would kick my *** too. LOL. She didn't know I was listening. I did grab the phone and I told her that if she came over, I would stomp her *** to the ground, and also a few other choice words. Yes, I did put my "classiness" to the side for a minute, but I did tell her that. First of all, she never threatened me to my face...it was usually over voicemails, or emails. But when I told her those things over the phone, she act like the cat got her tongue. Other than that, I have been nothing but nice to her, nice to their son, in fact, my husband said that his son wished that I were his mom. The sad thing is, when BMs act crazy, they forget that it is not about them. It is about the KIDS. When there is drama between the parents, the children are the ones hurt the most! I do not understand why the BMs don't understand that, but it is the truth and over the years it has severely affected the relationship between my husband and his son. Its really sad. There was a time when I tried to be nice to the BM and talk with her on the phone about the son, but that quickly backfired. Not every BM is crazy. There are some who are very decent who can put the needs of the children over everyone else. However, she is not one of them. She is not capable of communicating like an adult, so I have washed my hands of the situation, and I am letting my husband deal with it the way he sees fit. I am not going to let her or anyone else change who I am. I am going to continue to be happy, continue to be a great wife and mom, and live my life, while she sits in her section 8 housing, refuses to work, and continue to try to scam the government. Now, I am not knocking anyone who needs welfare assistance because some people have gone through unfortunate circumstances that required it. However, she is a true "Welfare Queen." I know this is a long paragraph, but I hope this helps.

I agree with roexi. I see that you're in the 18-21 yr old category so youre very young and their baby is only a few months old..meaning he either left when the baby was barely born or left her while she was pregnant and now he's ENGAGED to you and youre pregnant? you should have thought about this long and hard before you even chose to be with him. can you honestly blame the woman? I am sure there is a whole other side besides the one he is telling you. You better be careful with him because your "fiance" seems super sketch. Open your eyes girl and best of luck

hoe please you dont even know her like that, your only going by what your BOYFRIEND is telling you. and how is that your fiance THAT FAST!! you said that their baby was only a few months old (when you posted this) maybe you need to slow down. ofcourse shes going to be emotional about him if she just has his child... you chose to be with a guy who has a child. so deal with it!

going through the same drama, only i already had my son, my boyfriend has a 3 yr old with another little one night stand he had before we ever met, but its still drama! my son is now going to be 1 year old. i love my son and my boyfriend but all this drama with 3yr olds mom has me wanting to leave him and all the bs all behind me! my son deserves better!

The court system is his friend. Tell him to get shared custody over his child and the problem is solved. I hate that anyone is getting money for having a baby because in 98% of the cases that is what the drama comes down to and the child gets lost in the process.

my baby daddy's baby mama is the same way.. I to have these problems.

hi !<br />
dont be upset , she needs some extra help and the father of the baby must be around....sometimes...<br />
i am glad you and your partner decided to have your kid , btw.<br />
my husband also has a child with another woman before we met. the child is in high school now , still needs a lot of attention and of course , money. but i respect him because he cares about her and that he didnt pressure her mother to abort.