Well I've been in a relationship with my guy for a year and about a few months now. He's a few years older then me and has a babymomma. The baby mom isnt interefering in our lives at all right now... however there was a time when she found my phone number (im guessing from his phone ) and has decided to call me and threaten me; as well claim that she is still with this man. He explained things to me and told me that shes just lying and that she said all of those things to me out of her fustration. From then we just moved on and ive decided to change my number so she couldnt reach me anymore. Now our relationship has been pretty good. But ive read some forum on a website where all these people were saying that if a guy has a baby mother then they share a bond together where they are HIGHLY possibly still sleeping with eachother from time to time. I was just wondering if that is true?? is it true that guys with baby moms almost all the time go and sleep with their babymoms from time to time? is that like a casual thing? has anyone every expreinced situations where they have caught their man cheating on them with their babymammas even after he's been denying any facts?

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No, it's not a casual thing unless you are not standing your ground! I totally understand that when u first meet a guy that has been in a serious relationship with the childs mother for a long time, you should prepare yourself because he may still be sexing her from time to time, but if he is serious about being with you he will STOP before he makes it official with you. A man sleeps with his babys mama because shes easy booty and she knows what he likes, not because he is still in love with her. If that was the case he wouldn't be with you. Let's be real here.

When my boyfriend take his daughter back to her mama he would leave me somewhere at his people house and and be gone for hours I think he was with his baby mama then because one min they mad at each other she going crazy threatening him with child support now they are like best friend he telling her about our situation so I know he had to Do something With her he even said she called the cops on him because she wanted some **** and then he told me he should give it to her to make her calm down that hurt me so bad now I still don't trust him

Like your title states, trust is the number one common factor we must face on a daily with our men. If you truly feel in your gut feeling that your man would do that, ask, analyze his reaction to your question make him realize that that is bothering you and his assurance to you means everything to the world. Sometimes stories told by others are not to be threatened by it but to see the side of hurt and pain and realize that talking to your spouse is the most important thing to do in situations like this.

Well I have a baby dad and once we broke up we never had sex again. We were together nearly 4 years and we've been broken up for over 5 years now. He's now married and I'm dating someone, so no not all baby parents sleep around with one another

Thank God for mature women like you!!! Kudos!

he is still checking her from time to time because i was in and still is in a position like that and i found out because her pregnancy was his i pray for it to not be his but it was can you believe it she still call she want this and that and i don`t mean baby things she want phone etc. tell me now late night calling early morning calling and its not all about the baby. i beg on my knees i really love him but i don`t know what to do first of all he will make love with her and tell me that he have to do it because of his daughter and he treat me really good every body see that but when its time for her trust me he says he is doing it for his children what should i do what should i do i love this man he cares he`s loving he seems to understanding sometime but this ***** is all up in my cool-aid so i check phones i check time and just say i check every thing he wears to get answers i want , i am really in need of answers because i don`t cheat and don`t play games with big or small so i am the serious level at all times with him i really don`t want to sound crazy but i leave a couple of times before and he call me back i do every thing for this man what a woman should do but it seems i am not doing any

Same here I try and talk to him about the whole babymama situation he tells me its not my
business because its between him and his babymom the ***** would call keep asking for **** like damn and his big dumb go take whatever out our house hold and give it to get I wanna curse her *** out so bad

I was in this situation last year, he got too comfortable and had sex with her, she sent me screenshots and was way too happy about the fact I was hurt (what a jerk) I tried to leave him. I am not a cheater and I do NOT tolerate cheating! For a few days after I made it clear I was gone if he didn't stop immediately, I was unsure about what he wanted, we didn't speak much it was like two strangers in the same house. I didn't give in and he confessed everything he ever did wrong to me and begged me to stay. He seems truly sorry... or scared s***less to be alone lol. Either way, right now things are better than ever in my household. (I also have no problem kicking her a** either)

U might not want to hear this but you are the one that can make him stop! You have to stop begging and crying and get strong on his a**, tell him it's me or her, and be prepared for him to choose her. If he loves you like he says he does he will be so afraid to lose you he will cut her off... and don't forget that she will probably try and get back with him. Men are weak to vaginas, he might slip up later but you have got to hold your ground. Women are a lot stronger than we realize... it just sucks that we tend to be the strongest when the relationship is ruined and its too late.

I just got out of a 2.5 year relationship with a guy who has similar situation. He shares 50-50 custody of his son with his baby mama and yet there were times when he just stayed at his baby mama on Saturdays. When I confronted him why he'd rather spent his Saturday over there, he said he just wanted to "hang out" with his baby. She does not have a job and had asked him for his car so she could find a job. I had bad feeling about the whole situation but I did not have any proof. He told me he loved me, bought me stuff, asked me to marry him, etc. Right after Christmas I found his old text messages (he asked me to print the text messages for court custody battle) and some of them were just horrible. <br />
<br />
He: "Where u at"<br />
<br />
She: "I'll be at home so come thru or whatever."<br />
<br />
He: "Can I make you gag on it :o"<br />
<br />
She: "Wus good wit u babydaddy."<br />
<br />
He: "waiting to get home. To watch xmen 1st class hope its not weak. Is it raining out there? If no ima bbq somethin"<br />
<br />
She: "No. its cool. Not raining here. Come bbq @ my house."<br />
She: "I got a big, nice ***... grill. :-D"<br />
She: "I got something u wanna do to you later. You are coming over right."<br />
She: "You off work yet?"<br />
<br />
He: "U get there?"<br />
<br />
She: "I did ask one. That one is you. You are the only person I'm sleeping with these days. Have a great day at work."<br />
<br />
He defended himself and said that those are just flirty messages and she sent those messages just to broke us apart. But obviously, those messages went both ways.<br />
He finally admitted that he did it when we had some problems in our relationship. <br />
Really? How you solve a problem by creating another problem?<br />
I chose not to be in the middle of this kind of drama. I trusted him all those times but I told me lies after lies. How could I spend the rest of my life with this drama???? She would do anything to get his money and sex. I'm so done with this baby mama drama. <br />
I'm still hurt till now, but I realize it's better to hurt now than in the long run.

I know reading texts like that are just hurting that's why I try not to look but I do any ways we use to look through each other phone now he don't let me any more I'm a ask for his phone and check it just for an update oh yea and he have name as crackhead dope feme I don't understand

I've had a similar situation. I've been with my Fiancee for 2 years now and there have been countless times where his baby momma has called or texted me and claimed that they have slept together recently. I'd ask him about it only to get a run around and lies. After a while I'd find hard evidence and proof that they had indeed slept together. He always comes back to me, but there is always that worry that they will in the near future sleep together again and I will once again be betrayed.

Kick her vengeful a** and leave his sorry a**, they are playing games and think its funny to hurt you... I bet seeing her with a black eye will take the edge off, lol. j/k... but seriously tho. Next time u know he will be out, take an awesome sexy date with you just for show... that should do the trick.

And the weirdest thing is a lot of these pyscho "Baby Mama's" used pregnancy as the last resort to keep what they knew was a waning relationship alive. Sooooo, I think an askance sexual encounter with one of them is likely to happen during that prime time - ovulation - and now - guess what! There will be yet another innocent victom created to help fulfill and strengthen the pyschotic control needs of "Baby Mama". Who cares if they are having sex - let's just pray there is no conception, for you or for her. Do not fall into the trap of competative reproduction. Maybe your best interests are actually served elsewhere. Take care of your own life and don't give your power away by getting hung up with what may be a potentially losing situation for you. Step back and take an honest deep breath - do you like how you are feeling? If not, get out. Detach emotionally. Easy to say, a real struggle to put into action - but remember my earlier comment - take care of your own life and move towards what you really wish it to be. Only you can do that for yourself and I suspect you are worth it. Hardships are only small set backs in the bigger picture. You only have one life to live, so truly live it well - make your own best outcome!!!

Sometimes it is true, it just depends on the fortitude of your partner. In my case I just want my baby momma to rot or even better just leave me alone. Yeah your ex and his baby moma may have a bond, obviously they slept with eachother and something more than an STD came out of that act, but it should be treated no different than sex with an ex, they just see eachother more, unfortunately. I would be weary of them being together but props to you for trusting him enough to let them be alone together. <br />
<br />
Just keep this in mind when it comes to ex's of all types and especially baby mommas: The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. If she is really ******* him off to a rage, then here is a possibility of them still screwing, but if he acts like he just wants her to go away, there generally nothing for you to worry about.