5 Years And Counting

Five more years and the babies mama grip is gone. I had a fling in FL when I was stationed down there at the green age of 18. I was very trusting and naive. I ended up believing a woman that told me she was on birth control. Well she has not taken a breath to let up on me since the day she found out she was pregnant. This is not the normal baby momma drama. This girl has the power of the knowledge of the inner workings of the legal system passed down form three generations of baby mommas especially when it comes to preying on men in the military. Her and all her sisters have Babbie's daddies in the military and her mom did too and they all got married to some other sucker once they established their early pension.

She was married to some other dude before my kid was three months old. Kept me from seeing her the first three years of her life (which was fine because the paternity was still in the air) So I get taken to court for paternity while I was overseas with the military and automatically found guilty since I was in default. I did establish a small relationship with the baby (3 Year old) but when the BM found out I had a girlfriend she pulled away my rights to see her, and immediately proceeded to make my life hell by calling my superiors and telling them what a dead beat I was. Some of them saw through her games but the one directly in charge of me fell for her BS and he made my life a living hell too. I ended up getting out after my four years because of how I was being treated.

 Eventually had the paternity established as being my own. I was working a job in aviation but here comes September 11th, there goes job in aviation. FL did put a temporary stop on my support and I finished up my first degree while I was out of work. During this time I tried to establish a relationship with my daughter but it was fruitless because every time I would get close to her her momma would try to come between me and my wife. I couldn't let her screw my life up so I would back off. I mean I would hope yall would think 50 phone calls in one day to be a little excessive. I get back to work and start paying more support, well she has my checks garnished (which is an option open to babies mommas in FL if they want it to happen) and we have another court date. I try to give her another chance and much the same happens again. I cut her off again. A couple years go by and I feel guilty and try to talk to my daughter again, again her momma gets in the way and steps her game up, she sends pictures of penises to my wife over the cell phone trying to say that it was mine that I was sending to her. Sad thing was it was like 12 inches long I may be blessed but not that blessed. So much for hoping for some maturity with age, I cut her off again. Now that she can't get a hold of me she contacts my sister my aunt and anyone else she can get a hold of.But she only contacts them when there is a court case where I can either loose money or get in trouble. I am out of work again due to a work injury and she takes me to court again while I am out of work. Got to the trial and thankfully the court saw that I was actually hurt and decided in my favor. Now she is pissed and sending nasty hate mail to my family and anyone else she can.

Its sad that they give pieces of crap like her so much power over people. They learn to manipulate and control and in the end its only about the money for them. There is so many more details about this that I could go into (like calling the cops when I took my daughter to the movies for two hours with her permission) but yall don't have the time to read all of that.  

All I have to say is I hope that one day my daughter will see her for the psycho she is but I doubt it. I have looked at my 12 year olds my space page and its a pedophiles wet dream and it kills me. Maybe one day I can establish a relationship with my kid down the road. But her so called daddy is too much of a wuss to tell his wife to calm the hell down how can I expect him to be a man for my daughter? Oh well five more years and she will be old enough to come see me on her own, and five more years till her control of the court system over me will die.

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Would love to use your story in my book! Hope things work out with your child!