So Done With The Drama

I can't understand why she can't get over the fact that we're happy together. She give him up the day she brought another man to their bed just because he was working all the time. He was there not only just for her and his daughter but her mother and her son as well. She lost a good man and I know she knows this but enough is enough. For months he hasn't seen his 5 year old daughter. He has to beg and plead just for her to demand that he not bring their daughter around me. His daughter loves me and for this she is punished. I will not have that little girl of a women controlling my family anymore. This is more important now then ever because we are adding to our family. Our son will know his big sister and his big sister will know him. And that little girl of a women can hate all she wants and say all she wants but she will have no control. The courts will give us visitation, so she can hate on that! Until then I wish these little girls would grow up and become women because the only ones they hurt are their children!

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Having researched, it's an all too common problem in today's world, especially in cultures where a girl becomes a woman at 13

& where so many thousands each year are kidnapped & trafficked for slavery exploitation, so it needs the dispassionate scientific approach to bring it into the open, yes?

& warrants public posting, to help others who EP search the subject

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If you guys haven't gone to court defintely go as soon as you can. I understand and am in kinda the same boat. My husbands childrens mother left him for his best friend, but still wants to try and control our marriage. She's even married to him and just had a baby. The kids love me and tell her that all the time and she punishes them for it, by always starting something with him and saying "your never going to see your kids again". These little girls need to put on their big girl panties and grow up!

He has not seen his daughter in months? Do you guys have court ordered visitation? If not, GET IT NOW! Go see a lawyer. If you have court ordered visitation call the police next time you are to have the child and she doesn't turn up. Get a police report and collect a few police reports and then take it to attorney and file contempt of court charges. Get back at Baby Momma's using the system! And always remember that crazy baby mamas are just the losers your man should have made just give him blow jobs! There are nothing!

AMEN!!! How is it in any way the children's fault that she screwed up and lost her man. I am in the same situation (except for the adding to the family, hope to, but not now). It ****** me off to no end that because she's such a child I don't get to see his kids! Hallmark seriously needs to make a GROW UP card! ;-)