FIND Another Babysitter!!!

You know it ****** me off for someone to question me, but when your a ****** mother... well do you really have room to open your mouth? I mean... come on... your a *****... maybe a wannabe ***** cause you can't seem to get anyone to take your cat! You just had to take your son to the ER cause your kid got in your purse and take 3 of your pills... you never put the kid in a car seat... if he is in one... you usually don't buckle him in the car! Hell... you stood in my kitchen and made the comment that men are put here to work and pay your bills... you make me sick! You make girls like me look bad cause your a gold digger... funny cause you try to be one, but just not getting any bites... I don't try to be, but if I was... I would be doing good!
This ***** pissed me off last night when she asked to check her e-mail... well sure you can, but when you look on my PC and see something about meningitis on it... DO NOT RUFFLE MY FEATHERS AND QUESTION ME! If I am looking it up it's fine cause at least I am learning about it... if I thought she was exposed... I WOULD TELL YOU! I have a friend that might have it, but hell she hasn't been around us for at least two damn months... not a concern... I was reading to make sure I was right to not worry about it... if you think I was put your child in harms way... FIND ANOTHER BABYSITTER!!!! It's not like I really have time to do it with 4 kids under one roof along with Pappy and half the town coming around! I babysit cause you needed someone on short notice... maybe you need to be on the lookout  for new babysitter!
I hate to break your heart, but the week of Christmas... I'M NOT BABYSITTING! I am spending the holidays with my family... if my love is gonna take that week off to be home... I am taking off to be able to spend time with him and our kids! Unlike you... we want that time together cause we love each other as a family and not cause we have to do it!
I hope you don't think I truly care about you... I care about kids cause they can't take care of their selves... it brings a joy to my life... I get to have a baby around, but can send the baby home... can't ask for anything more! Almost like having a grand baby around!
Yeah I think maybe it's time you found another sitter!

Mammy Mammy
36-40, F
Apr 30, 2008