Little Terror

I completely loath babysitting although don’t get me wrong I love kids, As you all know I have two of my own. But they are not terrors compared to some of the kids I have baby sat for. And this is the story about it...

I used to babysit for one of my auntie-in-law children, a girl & a boy aged 5 & 11. Her daughter was somewhat well behaved but the son was a little **** throughout the whole night making the experience frustrating. I let them run around the house freely but kept and eye on them to make sure they were not up to any shenanigans. I come upstairs into his room to find that he's pulled all the clothes that were neatly ironed by his mother and folded away and the which had also been cleaned also trashed.

Of course he knew not to trash a room but he did it anyway. I asked him why he did it but he only blamed his sister who I was putting to bed at the time It happened. I scolded him but only got a smirk from him and sight of his hand down his trousers rather frantically. Doesn’t take a genius to know what he was doing eh. Anyway he next went on the trashing the bathroom and living room although I was able to stop him trashing the two. It became obvious he was doing it to aggravate me.

He finally went on to running around the house with his bottom half bare and his privates on show for everyone. I managed eventually to get him into the bath, cleaned, out again and into bed although not being able to get Pj's on him. As the night ended I was exhausted and not very happy.

My kids never misbehave or purposely trash a room for attention like my aunt's kid did but I think that was down to stern parenting and enforcing boundaries. But baby sitting that little monster why I hate babysitting

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TheLastRemnant TheLastRemnant
18-21, F
May 6, 2012