I just got rid of a toxic person who was one of my ex bosses that I was on and off again doing freelance for. He always called me stupid and down played my abilities and intelligence and today was the last straw.
He told me he was calling me stupid for my own good. I completely disagree with him, he doesn't know how to make a critique in fact it is violently insulting when he screams at me like I am a loser and not tell me exactly what I did wrong.
I can't stand him I hope he drops dead. I'm sick of being abused by my bosses I rather work for myself! I'm done with ****** bosses! They can go die!
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1 Response Aug 19, 2014

That's work place harassment.

You'll know how to deal with it when you have more experience.

You should escalate it to your boss' boss, or even to HR department if you have one. Of course if it is a very small company and the guy at the top is harassing you, report to the labor department and they will help you. It should never happen and they will get in trouble for it.

If it is a public company, then you can take it to the very top, like the board of directors. Smaller company, then you talk to the labor department.