When I Was Younger...

There is a reason why I hate bad dreams. They are creepy and make no sense! There was this one dream where I fell off my bed and I kept on falling. Then when I finally hit the ground, I woke up. I also hate it when you are running from something, but you run soo slow or you trip over nothing.
There was this one dream where my sister had this hamster and she set it on the dryer and left, then the little rat jumped at me so I tried to run but I tripped over nothing and fell and the hamster attacked me.
Another time, my stepdad was mad at my sister and the put a gun to her head and shot her. I was crying soo bad! Then she was ok next time I looked back.
I dont really know why, but it all happened when I was younger. I almost never have them now. I always have good dreams. Maybe thats how all people are, not having bad dreams when they get older...
bec193 bec193
18-21, F
May 20, 2012