In my dream, I dreamt that I was doing this project with my cousin and this other guy.

Main point---
I had ideas for the project that I thought were really helpful and asked my cousin if we should try them out, but my cousin ignored my idea. I was so ticked after asking again and again that I yelled on the last time which got her attention. After that she argued with me and I did also. Then I woke up. I felt so annoyed and thought if I was in that dream again I'd tell her that even if the ideas are stupid or are meaningful, it's better to be considerate and actually listen.

In reality, since I'm the youngest my family, I ask the stupidest thing or something meaningful to my siblings and they usually ignore me and I'm fine with it but it bothers me. So I'd say it's some what of a pet peeve of mine now.

Urghh that dream. Just annoyed me even more though. I hate annoying dreams like that that feel so realllll
adl117blue adl117blue
18-21, F
Aug 18, 2014