I Despise It...

Here is an example of something I read today on Facebook, concerning my high school. It made me want to vomit. Here:

all yhu see iis peoplee weariinn T-shirtss (&)* hoodiess..were deyy do datt ahtt.? Onlyy chs!

What?! It's very sad that I (try to) read things like this all the time. I responded to this girl that apparently she spends more time thinking about clothing than learning about grammar. I suppose she was talking about clothing...

Someone else here mentioned something I also cannot stand: Text speak. WHY do people insist on using this in all forms of writing now? Whether it's a hand-written letter, or typing something online.

I have absolutely no respect for someone who is too lazy to correctly write/type the english language. This is getting ridiculous. There are no excuses. Well, unless they have a learning disability. Which is certainly how it looks when I see their writing.
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I share most of your horror (to all the fellow grammar Nazis on here), as we have a grammatical system for a reason. When people use "there" instead of "their" it drives me crazy as I automatically read it for its meaning and find myself having to reread just to get the understanding. I do, however, find some abbreviations to be useful. <br />
"brb", "k", "lol", "lmao", "rofl", "wuu2" are examples of terms that I use with my friends (who are all grammar conscious, as well) as they are quick, convey the message and have more effect (in my mind, at least) than saying "laughing my arse off" or "laughing out loud". If you say you use the NHS, you wouldn't say "National Health Service" as people should know what you mean. <br />
I noticed someone included "tl;dr" ("too long; didn't read") which is common if you want to write an essay but will give people the overview at the bottom. I also enjoy it for the geek community. <br />
I confess that I used to use text speak since there was no harm in it when talking to those who also used it (this was many many years ago). It is very much like a different language as "i no wot u mn. it was da sme wit im bt he usd it b4 neway." made sense to everyone who "spoke" it. I didn't understand the "ne" abbreviation at first because I was reading it as "neh" as opposed to "N.E" for "any", but I got used to it. The only valid reason I give for using it now is that texts have character limits and sometimes "& 2 b honest" is necessary to avoid spending that extra 10-12p as just a few characters over the limit would be a daft waste of money. There also comes the time when your text would take up two whole texts, but "txt spk" reduces it to one. I never used it with anything else, though, such as emails and class work, as I knew how to use proper English. My friend used "2" instead of "to" in her work once, which shocked me as she seemed to think it didn't matter. <br />
<br />
With regards to the excerpt, "all yhu see iis peoplee weariinn T-shirtss (&)* hoodiess..were deyy do datt ahtt.? Onlyy chs!", I think it appalling. I'm all for playing with the English language as it can be great fun to toy with it and make puns, but this, to me, is a fashion. Since saying "all yhu see" is the same length as "all you see", I see no other purpose other than for appearance, since it sure is hard on the eyes. It’s like clothing: it’s there to be aesthetically pleasing (and, often, show off) since any old jeans and top would do. One of my friends has a habit of saying "byeeee" which I thought was her saying "bye-eee" as some people say, but I've recently reached the conclusion that she was only putting the extra 'e's on for the sake of it. Another person I know, whose name is Kate and dislikes being called Katy/Katie, has her name as Katee on her profile. I was reading this as it was spelt for some time before seeing her "yess of coursee it is" type of comments. <br />
<br />
Tl;dr <br />
People misusing spelling and grammar drives me crazy, e.g. it’s there ball. You were doing so well with the apostrophe, why did have to use the wrong “their”? Similarly with “its their ball.” <br />
Abbreviations in personal conversation, such as “brb” and “lol” are fine, imo (“in my opinion”) because they serve the purpose of being concise, quick and universal. <br />
Text speak is understandable with the character limit – why spend more money when you can reduce it to something your recipient will still understand? <br />
The excerpt you provided with “all yhu see iis people” is, in my eyes, a language fashion as there is no need for it. It’s the same length (or longer!) as its counterpart. <br />
Disclaimer: any mistakes I have missed are because I’m in a hurry and haven’t noticed anything spell check can’t pick up. I don’t think there are any, though. Feel free to point them out, since we seem to be grammar Nazis on here ;-)

Which grammar is perfect ?<br />
<br />
Contemporary, American, British, written by Shakespear ?

Do you get irritated at a lot of things ?<br />
Do you enjoy life ?<br />
Do you laugh at lives twists and turns ?<br />
<br />
I live in on island where everybody writes and speaks perfect.<br />
We obey every law.<br />
We never make a mistake.<br />
<br />
We put walls around it.<br />
We are happy that nobody can get in and disturb our perfect little square world.<br />
We are happy that we hear nothing from the outside<br />
We have a little problem.<br />
Our children are outside the wall.

I think it's one thing to use abbreviations while texting and a total other thing when you use it in emails and other more formal forms of communication.

One of my pet peeves about grammar is when people think a plural requires an apostrophe! "I really like cat's." This is SO common and it just screams, "ignorance!"

I'm an English major, and my 16 year old sister refuse to even put the 'u' in 'you' and it freaking kills me. My mother, who recently began texting a couple of years ago, also thinks it's a grand idea to type 'funneee' instead of 'funny' and things like that. Why make yourself sound like a fool? They'll get into the habit of it, and when it comes to important things, make errors and not even notice, and look inane in front of perhaps a client or something. Just do it right, it's less painful on the eyes and brain, haha.

Even before "textese," I've always had a strong dislike for alternate or intentionally misspelled words - for example, "Eat Rite Diner." UGHH!

Presc<x>riptive grammar, when used, makes one appear well spoken, thoughtful and intelligent. However, when in an informal setting, only those that care about grammar and spelling will proofread.<br />
I'd like to see that Facebookese on a resume or cover letter. Facebook is an informal, social setting though. With technology today, brevity prevails. People are free to write how they like, and if somebody doesn't know how to spell something like 'conscientious,' most of the time he/she won't bother to use spellcheck on their computer. It doesn't matter to them. They'll use "care" or "gib a dam [sic]."<br />
It drives us grammar nazis crazy to see this, but keep in mind that linguistically, l33tspeak, textspeak and Facebookese likely will have a hand in future language shifts. <br />
In other words, by 2100 or even sooner, we here may be the ones spelling **** wrong, or using strange grammar.<br />
Just look at Chaucer.<br />
Speaking of, <br />

I saw a reply on EP today...the girl wrote back to the other person "...honest engine!" HAHAHAHA. SO funny, but pathetic!

Myself, I have a processing disorder, dislexia, a non-verbal learning disabliltiy and adhd. I am a College Student in NH and I have struggled with this all my life. Im th guy in class that can answer everyquestion and go above and beyond in comprehension. But when it come to written assignments, due dates, spelling and grammer are such a problem for me that i have scraped through College with a 2.5 gpa. As a result i have extremly low selfconfidence in my inteligence and teacher and professors have made me feel inferior and embaress me in front of the entire class to make an example of a "lazy person" I was rarely allowed out to recess during elementry school becuase I couldn't do my english homework correctly. My lack of self confidence later led to drug use and eventually led to dependence and addiciton. Today I am mostly sober not 100percent there yet but im a million time better then i was before. Im just trying to take it one day at a time

Hi. I agree with all of you. But I've heard that Facebook brings out the worst in people- and I really have never seen such nasty people- or heard more cuss words than when I was on FB. I do not know how people let young children or kids on it. You can't say anything without someone fighting you on what you've had to say. I just HAD to quit!! FB insults my intelligence!!

Rather off-topic, I'd say.

That's beyond "bad grammar", that looks like deliberate opacity. I refuse to believe there's anyone in the world incapable of spelling "at".<br />
<br />
Also, they seem to have a habit I've noticed elsewhere of repeating the lastt letterr of certain wordss - wonder what the significance of that is?

In my opinion, it appears to be done on a cheap phone by someone with too many thumbs.

Bad grammar, when combined with poor spelling can be extremely difficult to understand.

Hmm well, I wouldn’t ever say “I have no respect” for people who type like that, because I type like that for three reasons:<br />
<br />
1. because im lazy<br />
2. Because its 85 percent understandable for most people<br />
3. Because its faster to get something across<br />
<br />
I think that this: all yhu see iis peoplee weariinn T-shirtss (&)* hoodiess..were deyy do datt ahtt.? Onlyy chs!<br />
<br />
Is somewhat hard to decipher, and at times I curse to the sky when someone writes something like this to me, because I cant read it and so I will have to ask again, which is annoying.<br />
<br />
Im mostly annoyed by not understanding, but im perfectly fine with the uses of chat slang.<br />
<br />
Lol<br />
Brb<br />
K<br />
O I c<br />
Lmfao<br />
<br />
And the usage of z instead of s, or putting an s on a word that doesn’t have one:<br />
<br />
Over hearz<br />
Over hears<br />
Ova hearz<br />
Ova hears<br />
<br />
Im not disgusted by it and I don’t pity anyone who talks like this, and to say unless you have a learning disability as an example to say “unless”, your utterly, utterly wrong with your “bold” concerned statement and that you should share a sense of humor, and the ability to crawl out of that little square that you live in.<br />
<br />
Accept everything