It Drives Me Crazy When

I cringe a little every time I read a story or a profile that has even one grammatical error. When I see more than one, I start to get really annoyed. When I read a comment that is full of accronyms that don't make sense, swearing, or the asterisks ******** in place of swearing, I automatically leave that section. If I don't leave, I will post a comment in reply that actually makes sense. In doing this, I hope that the person who can't spell or punctuate to save their life will learn something. Bad grammar and poor spelling skills give the impression that a person is uneducated and ignorant. I know that this is not true of everyone, but that's how I would percieve someone I've never met. I've had resumes handed into me with mistakes, they automatically go into the "no" pile.
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1 Response Jul 17, 2010

Using proper grammar at someone who does not know it NEVER teaches them anything. <br />
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My companion's grammar is shite, and in IM she types in that ******* 14-year-old AOLer style, in addition to ******* up almost every homonym (which she claims to know, yet barely ever gets right). I type, as she calls it, "like a fuckn essay," and I'm just baffled that she won't make SOME effort to emulate it.<br />
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I met her on a dating site, I almost didn't even write back because of that nonsense in her profile. She was really hot, though, so I did. Luckily for her she's got a personality under that CRAP.