Apostrophe Abuse!

I twitch every time I see an apostrophe used to make a noun plural.  There is a spot in my apartment complex with a sign declaring "Bike's Only."  I keep wanting to point out the mistake to the manager...but I've read some of her emails.  If abusing apostrophes was a crime, she'd be in jail by now!

Seriously, people.

The girls have two bikes.
The girls' bikes are blue and red.
One girl's bike has a basket.
The red bike's front tire is flat.

Now, was that so very difficult???

MossAgate MossAgate
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

The worst thing I saw was at WalMart, as sign that read as follows: KNIFE'S

My gripes are the even more common, unknown ones that even fellow grammar nazis make: "like" instead of "such as"; not placing a comma after "e.g." and "i.e."; commas and periods outside of quotation marks (for Americans only, of course); swapping "which" for "that"; comma splices (Grrrrr!); the complete lack of understanding that placing "only," or any other adverb, directly in front of a verb is most of the time entirely incorrect. The list goes on.

I was unaware that the quotation mark rule was unique to Americans. You have made me smarter.

BadGirl: I think that is more a matter of spelling than grammar...but you're right, it is irksome.<br />
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DJ: Thank you!