Most Irritating Mistakes

Any bad grammar gets on my nerves, but here's a short list of the ones that REALLY drive me nuts:

"Should of" or "would of" instead of "should've, would've, or saying "have" instead of using a contraction
(Ex: I should of paid more attention in English class.)
Using "then" when the proper word is "than"
(Ex: I don't understand why she did better then me on the English test.)
Misuse of was and were
(Ex: They was going back to first grade to learn this.)

What gets on your nerves most?
ThenLetItRain ThenLetItRain
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6 Responses Jan 8, 2011

All malapropisms get on my nerves. Tambem, bless your heart for learning a second language. I failed trying to do that, so I know what dedication it takes. Rest assured, most of us are not upset with those who do not speak native English. We're upset at the common misunderstandings that happen amongst those raised speaking English that do it ignorantly, and don't understand the root concepts of words to actually know what they're saying.<br />
<br />
That's what bugs me. That people talk without having any idea what they're actually saying.

Tambem, I can't express myself in any other language. I dropped my Spanish class in the beginning of my third year. I have a lot of respect for people who learn a new language and I understand that expecting anyone to never make mistakes is unreasonable. This was written with people who grew up speaking English in mind and who speak this way in person.

"I seen it " <----- BIGGEST pet peeve!


maybe you should remember that english is of commom use in internet,and it is used by everyone.i hate bad grammar as well,but english is not my native language.i make mistakes,but i can express myself.could you do that in my language?

Me too!!! I am guitly of bad grammar sometimes, but I try hard not to be. I hate when people mess up 'to, too, and two' or 'their, there and they're'. Drives me nuts. Most of all I hate lazy text speak!!! I am dyslexic so it kills my poor brain. I also hate how people are putting lots of letters in their words that shouldn't be there. Like ' OMG! I reallyyyy Hattte That goy!' I saw that on facebook. I wanted to cry.