I See It *all* The Time

Then/than, to/too/two, and atrocious grammar within micro-blogging. Yes, I understand you only have about 140 characters to work with. However, this is no excuse for crappy grammar and spelling. I have three kids who are into social media and they manage to sound like they're mildly educated. Throw rocks at me if you wish, but keep in mind the way you present yourself online is a snapshot into how you present yourself in the non-digital world.
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6 Responses Dec 4, 2011

As an English major who is literally paying an arm and a leg to learn grammar, I'm gunna have to ask u to chill

For example: I definitely understand why you're stupid! NOT... I definately understand why your stupid. That drives me insane!!!

Actually incorrect grammar, bad spelling, and lack of punctuation, show lack of caring and laziness, and stupidity. If you were to busy with your busy personal life to learn in school you wasted my taxpaying money and I would like a refund. If you don't care no one will care about about what you are trying to convey through your gibberish. It isn't harsh it is common sense and the way people have to communicate in society. I guess those who don't want to communicate can just start their own society, until then I guess you will put up with the spelling police as you call them johnpell.

I'd say it depends on where you see these spelling errors and incorrect grammar.<br />
<br />
Is it just for you and me, or perhaps just a select few who are supposed to read it?<br />
I couldn't give a rats a** about spelling errors, most of the time I don't even notice the spelling error unless pointed out.<br />
<br />
Is it a flyer, newspaper och some official document, use the spell checker feature.<br />
Not that I really care there either, but there is always some self-proclaimed spelling police who will throw a fit about it.<br />
<br />
Calling people who are sloppy with spelling online idiots is a bit harsh in my opinion, and then calling them idiots in real life because of that is just, silly.<br />
I'd probably just call them lazy. Unless they really are idiots, but I can't tell that from just a piece of text.

the way you present yourself online is a snapshot into how you present yourself in the non-digital world.<< DISAGREE! We're not that dumb we can separate the online world and the real world we're living in.

careful of dyslexics