I Think The Grammar Police Must Stop Behaving Rudely!!! Posting A's on my comments just proves my point.

I think your site sucks.  I don't believe that correcting  another's grammar is a good way to, "Make Friends and Influence People."   In fact, it's considerably apathetic and cruel.  What makes  grammar fanatics think it's perfectly fine to do?  Who do you think you are?  Correcting others who are just trying to express him or herself is just  WRONG!  It hurts feelings and embarrasses people; are you just sadists who hide behind words to make you feel you're doing the world a favor?  Who, may I ask, gave you permission to try to take others down?  Is it possible that doing so makes you feel superior?   I make many mistakes in grammar and spelling, but I also know how to write a good story. In fact, I have read several of the stories on your site by so called, 'Grammar Professionals', who have made many grammar and spelling errors.  I even read one statement by a "Bad Grammar Hater" who spelled grammar as g-r-a-m-m-e-r!!!  I noticed that no one wrote to correct her either; why do you think that is?  Could it have been that it was rude to correct the 'Hater';  or one of you would hurt her feelings?  But, what I am really trying to point out here is not about what is written on a piece of paper; it's about connecting with others while having a conversation.  Is this not one of the most important parts of life?   What do you say to others who mistakenly say, "you and I" instead of "you and me" at the end of a sentence.  Do you scold them with your brillant knowledge of why that is incorrect?  Who gives a damn!  You're lucky to have someone to talk to, but you won't have him or her stick around you to be criticized for long; if you are decent enough to care.  Tell me, if you happen to hate bad English, do you hate people who stutter while speaking, or  do you correct them for repeating parts of a word or words, because that isn't proper English?  It's very similar in that way. 

I am suggesting to you "Grammar Police" to stop correcting people who are only talking to you to make a connection, however big or small, with another human being.  I know that constantly correcting people who speak improper English is not the real issue here;  people often point out imperfections in others because they can't look honestly at their own issues.  "We often see in others what is true in ourselves."  Be kind, and love others for being kind as well, because, "There, but for the grace of God go I!!!"

I AM REFERRING TO CORRECTING ANOTHER HUMAN BEINGS SPOKEN WORD!!!  MY COMMENT; MY RULES!!!  I apologize for the capitals, I know it represents anger while texting or writing.  I'm not angry; I have written more than once that my comment refers to spoken English, and not written.  I understand what you're saying about that.  However, my comment is written for those, who correct others who happen to be speaking to them.

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I completely agree, I struggle more with spoken words than written in general but at the same time people may label me as the Grammar police! I struggle to form words correctly without confusing letters, for example today I said 'sinned toup' instead of tinned soup, I think it's caused by anxiety, however, I'm quick to correct others when they make a mistake not because it frustrates me but because I'm incapable of understanding something that isn't spoken correctly, I've worked so hard on understanding sarcasm, catchphrases metaphors etc., that if I can't make sense of it I can't finish the conversation. I have Aspergers Syndrome meaning I have limited social skills and those that I do have are somewhat questionable, my point is you shouldn't judge 'Grammar police' anymore than they judge other's grammar because it may come across as rude but perhaps they can't help it, and perhaps your comments on here offend them just as much.

I loved your story, it made me laugh to because you are so right. Words of any form are important it doesnt matter how they are written :)

As Twain said..* he must have little genius who can't spell a word in more than one way*

What about people who have disabilties that affect their writing and grammars? I am one of the people. I graduated high school some subject i nevet can learn or understand , people can teach me all they want, some informations never sink in. Im not lazy. I have disabilties. It god honest truth

Catslove, I am so sorry you are so controlling. Does OCD run in the family or do you just have a stiff collar that needs to be unbuttoned?

You might say the grammar mistakes that are made come from the teacher since it is the english teachers who are suppose to teach it to children. Usually a person who has nothing better to do than complain are the ones who are locked out of life or from having a life.

I don't usually correct other people, but I like it when they correct me, and I thank them for it. Stop talking as if you're representing every person out there!

I am referring to the people on this site. Read above. I make it a point to not generalize. The point I am trying to make to the people making comments ON THIS SITE is be kind to others and be happy another human being is trying to have a pleasant conversation. Correcting people, other than you, find it unpleasant to be corrected and it makes the conversation uncomfortable. Enjoy others and respect them also. Who really cares if a person says, "keep it between you and I, instead of you and me." What is really going on when someone rudely corrects a person who was only trying to have a conversation. Thank them for chatting with you.

But you ARE generalizing. Am I not a member on this website? Didn't I say I didn't share your opinion?

Just be nice, that is all I am saying. Peace to you. :)

I don't think it is nice to think you bear the whole truth, but that's up to you. Keep more of your thoughts to yourself.


Now now, where are your people skills? Do you always bully people? Maybe you should take personal inventory, that may help you get along with others. Just a little friendly advice :)

Rodrake, you really do need to work on your people skills. Have you heard of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goreman? It was written to help people who have no interpersonal relating skills...No kidding around. Get your head out of the sand. It is not polite to bully me and instigate arguments and tell me I am doing something that I am not. Is being respectful hard for you? Take a moment and think about it. Best of luck to you.

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Rodrake, it would be quite helpful to you if you wanted to improve your knowledge of grammar, to stop into a bookstore and look in the teen books area for English and grammar help. The books teach you what you want to know in a fun, informal way, which makes learning more enjoyable. Trust me; it's better than a peer correcting your grammar when you are in the midst of a good joke. The joke becomes as funny as a turd in a punch bowl.

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I think the written English language is very difficult to keep account of how all words are spelt correctly. Like i before e isnt a consistant rule. And where and when is an e dropped when putting ing after the word. Its very confusing and it catches me out all the time. Thier are other examples too which i cant bring to mind. Thank goodness for spell checks, but i dont always remember to use them. I dont think its EP as a site that sucks but rather the perfectionism of those that complain about somones spelling memory.

I don't understand your point. I'm referring to the spoken corrections that I read about on this site. The Grammar Police would tear your written comment to pieces. There aren't many of you who understand that I am referring to one's grammar being corrected while in a conversation. It's just not proper manners to do it, unless you are in English class where you sign up to learn to speak better grammar. It's just not using common courtesy to correct another person in casual conversation. Does anyone out there understand my point?

And people shouldnt make a big thing out of poor grammer and misspelt words.

I've noticed comments on this site mentioning correcting some poor souls SPOKEN grammar, and that is what propelled me to write my comment.

And that sucks!

I understand and agree.

You are not looking for an argument, lafsnack. I thank you for that. All I am saying to the others who are making negative comments, which have nothing to do with my point is, just be kind to others who are taking the time to have a conversation with them. That is it, nothing more.

EP does not suck. I was referring to the "Grammar Police" site. Where many correct others while speaking to them. It's hurtful and embarrassing to the one being corrected. I don't jive with their sense of entitlement. I happen to not enjoy being in the company of people who lack people skills. I walk away politely if I am uncomfortable.

lydream. I just noticed your post, and you are right on. "Only to have my grammar corrected but the content of my courteous reply ignored." Yes, yes yes! This post was for you and others who have been scolded for making a simple human mistake. There are far too many bullies on this site who enjoy arguing and making rude comments, instead of looking at how their behavior makes others uneasy. The Grammar Nazi's don't realize that others do not want to be in their company. They push others away and then wonder why they do not have friends. It's time the well spoken see the truth in black and white. It is time for all the "Correctors" to work on their people skills and stop grading others grammar.

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I agree with you that making a point to correct someone's grammer and spelling is rude and hurting their feeling over it is NOT okay. I also agree with milestar that laziness and apathy often have a lot to do with sloppy writing. If I find a posting that is too hard to read I just stop reading it. I shouldn't have to work harder to read it than the writer worked to write it... if they want to be understood clearly there is a way for that to happen by following the rules of writing. It's that simple.

I was referring to common mistakes that are made, such as the common mistake of using the words you and I at the end of a sentence instead of the correct you and me. I'm not referring to "mumbo jumbo", where a person has such poor English skills. I can only hope the 'Grammar Police' leave those people alone. Correcting them is futile because they have to start at the beginning to understanding English; and there is nothing wrong with that.

Honeybit, I like what you said. However, if the "Grammar Police" critiqued your spelling and your writing skills, they would tear your comment to shreds. I'm telling you this only to show you it is what they do.

I agree with you, honeybit!!!

lol no doubt they would! We're on the same sheet of music all of the way around. Typos and boo boos should be taken for what they are and left unpicked on! And nobody should have to write in 'proper' grammer either -- but write in such a way as to convey your thoughts clearly if you wish to be understood! Glad we got that solved! Now, bring on some more world problems, I'm feeling lucky!

on another note: how'd you come up with TireSoup4 for a name? Just curious.

...a friend thought of it. I don't like it but I find it easy to remember. Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no interesting story behind it.

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I'm not talking about speaking. When bad grammer bugs me it is because it is in written text. I understand that some people may have legitimate difficulties. However that does not excuse poor grammer or typos found in published papers or books. Am I not allowed an English teacher who can correct papers?

Hi Roza, I don't want to appear disrespectful. Howevever, it was my comment and I'm referring to the spoken wword, I noticed many comments from this site where friend's or other's spoken grammar was corrected.

Are you an English teacher??? Well, I agree with you about the simple oversights that you read in books and papers; there are people who are paid big money to edit these mistakes. Again, I am speaking of conversations and connecting with others. Imagine all the people, sharing all the world and to live as one. John Lennon helped me with that line. By the way Roza, while reading your post once, I noticed a few written mistakes, but I'll be kind and not point them out to you.

If you wish to correct me, I am open to it. Personally I think it is the tone and situation that matter most. Also I was referring to my situation, I am a highschool junior and my English teacher, while enthusiastic, isn't exactly the most correct. He often has simple errors in his own papers, thus setting a bad example for his students. Also if you do correct me, I would like to see where you get the correct phrasing from. (No offense, I've had some bad past experiences with teachers who have incorrectly corrected.)

No I don't want to do that; and I know what you mean about some teachers; I've dealt with that as well. Next English class will be different. I wanted to suggest that you correct yourself, it's a good lesson and you'll remember it better if you correct yourself. Bookstores carry easy and fun to read English books; I am not implying that you're a teen, but the books are more interesting and are not "English Textbook Style". Those English books come in paperback, so they are less expensive and fun to learn!!!

Hmm, that's a good idea. I do like English, I just can't seem to get along with the teachers. I'll have to look into that when I get the chance.

What do you mean you can't get along with the teachers? Usually there is one that is difficult to deal with; how many do you not get along with? Maybe, you need to take a look at your inventory.

I suppose it is mostly because the English courses are so simple they are a waste of my time. I am by no means insinuating that I have complete mastery of the language, that is impossible, but they are rather simplistic for me.

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I agree with Lena. The only thing I take exception to is "text speak". I find the abbreviations hard to read. Most people write their stories on computer so make use of the keyboard.

I agree with you, but please don't go, What you said is so important and very real. Judge not.<br />
<br />
Let her speak and write the way she chooses! It Is what she has to say that is more important.

You get my point!