Appalled At How People Write

I am appalled at the writing on this site and any other Internet forum I participate in. I wish for once I would open my profile, and see the recent activity stream populated with stories full of good grammar. What I typically see is a lot of txt speak, and a litany of spelling and grammatical errors that would bring any English teacher to his or her knees. It is more than apparent that the religious rights' war on public education has been effective. I consider my grasp of the particulars of English grammar to be minimal at best, and yet, I am appalled.
When you pay taxes to support public education, remind yourself that the future of this country depends on our ability to lead the world in every aspect. We've fallen behind, and we're slipping constantly. Private education is not the answer. Those who need education the most are the least able to buy their way into elite institutions of lower and higher learning. If the right-wingers have their way, only the elite will have access to any meaningful education, everyone else will be relegated to mopping floors or serving fast food.
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If you want to write a story about bad grammar, you really should make sure yours isn't in that category. I see a few mistakes (you made) too.<br />
<br />
Okay first off, this site (I don't know about other sites) is an entertainment oriented environment so formality in writing isn't required. Secondly, lots of people write stories directly from their phones. So text speak is necessary for them. Thirdly just because someone has poor grammar doesn't make them uneducated. I mean I have a BA & my spelling is terrible, thank goodness for spell check or you'd be lecturing me about that.

Please, critique my post. I welcome constructive criticism. I will admit willfully that as I moved quite a bit in my youth, I often found myself in the reading and literature segment of English, rather than the structure and grammar segment. I'm well read, and not well versed in the particulars of our very finicky language.

Also, I know that this group should be called "I strongly dislike poor grammar." We're not perfect, but I try to make a very good first impression. Alas, I have failed. ;)

Like I said (did you read my second paragraph or were you adamant to reply to my criticism?), this is an entertainment oriented environment, so I wouldn't normally critique someone's grammar here at EP ... yet, since you asked ... I'll give you a couple pointers for the future, since you'd like to improve. (a) Never end a sentence with a preposition. (b) Don't duplicate the exact word twice within the same paragraph. Now if you don't mind I'll go back to my text speak &amp; abbreviations ;~)

I will relent to your suggestions. What is a preposition again?
Never will I say never more than once again, never.
Okay, I've had my fun.. Thank you.
I just wish for a moment's thought to presentation, not perfect grammar.

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I find text speak, especially through a story, annoying. We have a full keyboard - use it. Bad grammar, unless unreadable, doesn't usually bother me.

You know some of us that are well educated make mistakes in writing. I have a Masters Degree and still can't spell that well. I also have to rethink my grammar pretty often.

A grammar Nazi, how unusual. Personally I'm of the believe that, as long as your understood, what does it matter? Language is forever changing, evolving.<br />
Move with it.