Bad Grammar Drives Me Up The Wall

I know I may come across as fussy but if English is your first language(and you speak only that) the least you could do is speak it fluently. It shocks me how many people don't see anything wrong with poor spelling and bad grammar. I remember talking to one of my classmates that was also Pre Med and her spelling was atrocious. She hated when people corrected her. I said, "So if we become Doctors and misspell a drug, you know what will happen? A patient might get the wrong medication." But of course it didn't make a difference to her.
It's funny when people call me a grammar nazi because striving to be good at something and not mediocre is such a horrible trait to have, let us compare it to a fascist ruler who killed innocent people. People I know always say things like, " Well you're lucky that you got to learn it, sometimes people don't speak English as their first language." English is my third language and I wasn't even raised in the West, so if English is all you speak and you still cannot spell or have poor grammar, shame on you.
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1 Response May 11, 2012

it can be maddening.