I Is A Sympathizerr Ov U Pepulz

I am hater of teh bad grammarz. Me no like when persson mess up their, there, they're and thair. It very annoying! i no like persson who no capitalize or punctuate i iz very very very very very veryseriuz? evry1 nows the . goes outside the ". ("like dees".) i is also get mad when people make run on sentenzez zat juuat go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and dey nevah stopp the ppl just kepp on tawkin and just no stop it make me mad it does. becuz it makes me rlly mad. srusly. alright i gotts to go seez ya l8r luvs u gotta see ya latr i hav 2 go and do stuf like skeep engrish clas an d pway halo and mw3 cuz eets epic k luv u i haz ta go k bye see ya later k see ya bye k bye
1 Response May 11, 2012

You hurt my brain and I am in med school.

I found this post HILARIOUS! XD

Never have I seen SOOO MANY errors... Where do I begin? Lol XD